Dominga Cotarella



Famiglia Cotarella

05020 Montecchio (Terni)

Having prominent parents is a blessing in disguise. And when your father is Cotarella, one of the most important people in the Italian wine industry, people’s expectations are as high as your fear of disappointing them. Dominga didn’t just elude these expectations, she overcame them by opening a new chapter in the family history.

The daughter of Riccardo and Maria Teresa, she started her career as a teenager, in Falesco, now Famiglia Cotarella, the family winery in the countryside of Umbria. After graduating in Agricultural Sciences, she worked in the PR and marketing department for Antinori and then returned to Falesco as sales director.

So Dominga now doesn’t make wine, but she tells its story, she sells it, celebrates it and promotes it all around the world. With her, her close cousins Marta and Enrica, with whom she grew up, sharing a beautiful and weighty heritage: their passion for wine first started in the family, but later became a choice of their own, so much so the three of them now direct the winery.

Their new project starts from the C in their surname. But it’s also a symbol of “culture”, “knowledge [conoscenza]”, “courage”, “class” and “warmth [calore]”. All these are essential qualities for the students at Intrecci, the school dedicated to dining room service, which they opened in 2017, with the goal of creating “professionals and managers of the highest standards for the restaurant industry”. The Cotarella adventure has just began.

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