Flavours of Abruzzo

Fabrizio Camplone

For 60 individual portions

For the almond meringue shell
250 g of egg whites
300 g of sugar
100 g of shelled almonds
50 g of Isomalt

For the "parrozzo" mousse

1 kg of mascarpone
1 l of whipped cream
400 g of “parrozzo” crumbs
350 g of sugar
100 g of water
10 egg yolks
30 g of gelatine sheets

For the ratafia and sour cherry jelly
500 g of ratafia
220 g of sugar
30 g of glucose
1 kg of sour cherries

For the cocoa icing
140 g of neutral gelatine
360 g of sugar
240 g of cream
120 g of red cocoa powder
14 g of gelatine sheets

For the almond and chocolate biscuit
500 g of finely ground almonds
500 g of icing sugar
400 g of whole eggs
250 g of egg yolks

750 g of egg whites
350 g of egg yolks

200 g of 180 W/PL flour
150 g of cocoa powder


For the meringue shell
Whisk the egg whites with 1/3 of the sugar, gradually add the rest and the incorporate the almonds, finely ground with the Isomalt, by hand. Pour the meringue into a silicone hemispherical mould and use an ice-cream scoop to remove the central part; bake at 100° C for 5 hours.

For the "parrozzo" mousse

Cook the sugar and water at 121° C. Whisk the egg yolks with this cooked sugar. Incorporate the rehydrated and dissolved gelatine sheets, mix thoroughly and allow to cool in the planetary mixer, then add the mascarpone whipped up with cream and “parrozzo” crumbs.

For the ratafia and sour cherry jelly

Caramelise the sugars, block the cooking process with the ratafia and then boil until the liquid reduces; place the sour cherries in 2 cm diameter silicone spheres and pour the liquid over them. Place in the freezer.

For the cocoa icing

Heat the neutral gelatine, sugar and cream to 105° C; add the cocoa and the previously rehydrated gelatine sheets. Mix. Keep at room temperature (the icing should be used at 35° C).

For the biscuit
Separately whisk the first two groups of ingredients; mix the two masses with the sieved flour and cocoa. Distribute on a silicone tray, forming a 0.5 cm thick layer, and bake at 200° C for about 12 minutes. Cut out using a ring cutter in the size of the meringue hemisphere.

Fill the meringue shells with the mousse, place the frozen dome of ratafia and sour cherries inside, close with a biscuit disc and, after chilling, cover with the cocoa icing.