Turning point

Artichoke and ricotta mousse with light Grana Padano fondue, impalpable corn and cheese balls

Pietro Leemann

For 4 people
100 g of cow's milk ricotta
50 g of goat's milk ricotta
10 g of olive oil
2 g of chopped thyme
50 g of cleaned artichokes

20 g of fresh ricotta
10 g of smoked ricotta
5 g of olive oil
salt and pepper

100 g of milk
5 g of cornflour
40 g of Grana Padano

10 g of lemon juice
20 g of cream

100 g of leeks
10 g of sesame cream
5 g of olive oil

100 g of milk
25 g of maize flour
25 g of white flour
35 g of branzi cheese

40 g of cappuccino froth


Chop the artichokes into cubes and roast them in a pan with a drop of olive oil for 5 minutes. Mix the two types of ricotta, season with the salt and thyme, add the cold artichokes, mix and place in buttered crème caramel moulds. Bake in the oven at 200 °C for 6 minutes.

Mix and season the smoked and plain ricotta. Bring the milk to the boil, thicken with the cornflour, add the grated Grana Padano and melt thoroughly.

Clean the leeks, cut into pieces, cook with a drop of oil for 3 minutes and blend with the sesame cream.

Make up some polenta with milk, maize flour and white flour. Add the cubed branzi cheese and melt thoroughly. Make small 20 g balls and fry in oil at 180 °C for 2 minutes. Mix the lemon juice and cream.

Place the fondue on 4 plates, position the mousse on it with a spoonful of leeks and a quenelle of smoked ricotta. Contrast with the lemon, the maize balls and the milk froth.