Giulio Terrinoni

Credits Brambilla-Serrani

Credits Brambilla-Serrani

A spirit devoted to the sea, hands always at work in the kitchen and a dreamy look since ‘75. After the successful opening of his restaurant Per MeGiulio Terrinoni is free, focused and understandably satisfied with the awards he’s received. After years running Acquolina Hostaria in Roma, Terrinoni in December 2015 chose to put out to sea in search of new frontiers and personal satisfaction. He was mature enough and had enough strength to take the challenge and give shape to his dreams.

These had been his aspirations ever since the beginning of his career: made of working hard up the ladder, following a passion nourished in the family restaurant. His adventure starts with catering school in Fiuggi, followed by experience in great hotels such as the Sheraton in Rome, then restaurant La Torre with Antonio Ciminelli and his first solo challenge, as executive chef at Panda in Parioli. These stops showed a personal growth, shaping a style founded on raw materials and on instinctive fast technique nourished by the chef’s daily experience.

After the accomplishments received with Acquolina, the need to give more space to his identity led him to give life to his Per Me [For Me] project. Among the history-oozing alleys between Via dei Banchi Vecchi and Via Giulia, Terrinoni’s beautiful restaurant sums up the spirit of the chef in a concept “embroidered” on the guest, with a dynamic and interactive offer. The restaurant shows a material philosophy, celebrating products and especially wild seafood. A constantly fermenting culinary creativity which follows a new route of passionate intention without any limit of expression.

Giulio looks for an “impulsive” perfectionism in ever detail: from the architectural materials of the interiors, to the culinary offer, which changes across the day from gourmet dishes and fun Italian-style tapas named tappi. The same attention can be noticed in the management of the dining room and cellar, leaving the greatest freedom to young sommelier Giulio Bruni and talented Flaminia Francia, Giulio’s partner, who coordinates the service with incredible elegance. The team is completed with the brilliant style of Valerio Romani, Terrinoni’s historic second: the range of dishes is eclectic, from fish to meat with functional virtuosos. While comfortably sitting at the large counter overlooking the kitchen, or in the elegant rooms in the heart of Rome, you’ll enjoy a tailor made experience that blends substance, inspiration and a rare introspective mastery of raw materials.

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