Stefano Ghetta

 Credits Brambilla-Serrani

 Credits Brambilla-Serrani

L'Chimpl da Tamion

strada de Tamion, 3
Vigo di Fassa (Trento)



Born in 1974 and raised in the beautiful Val di Fassa, when young Stefano Ghetta did what many guys from the Dolomiti do: catering school, experience in local hotels, the odd job in building sites during low season and then, not to miss anything, a ski instructor diploma. Lots of experience and a great passion for cooking which was born when as a child he would look at his aunt, cooking in her hotel on the Costalunga mountain pass.

Those who have a special talent often also have initiative and curiosity. This is the case of Stefano who didn’t think twice before packing his things and leaving his mountains to gain some precious experience first in nearby Bolzano, then in France and England. Always in the kitchens of great hotels, because he knew that sooner or later he would return home where the hotel-restaurant pair is virtually impossible to divide. This young man soon proofs he’s got talent so when he’s just 22 they call him to direct the kitchen of a hotel with 70 guests. The owners gives him complete authority and he, trying again and again, gradually matures his idea of cooking. An idea founded on two pillars: the desire to enhance local raw materials and the certainty that innovation and tradition are not two opposites but two elements that can coexist symbiotically.

All this can be found today in the offer of his pampering restaurant in a small hamlet above Vigo di Fassa: it’s the Chimpl da Taimon, an establishment which, since two years ago, shines in the Michelin skies. The restaurant is independent, despite being located inside hotel Gran Mugon owned by his wife Katia Weiss’ family – she’s in charge of the dining room. Stefano is a great expert of this territory and of local products with which he loves to invent new textures and emulsions. A demonstration of this is given by his Polenta in the woods, which he prepares leaving the flour hanging in jute sacks on the trees for two weeks and then cooking it in an infusion with herbs and musk.

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