Oyster and parsley champagne

6 large oysters removed from their shell

Herb Champagne
1x 750ml Blanc de Blanc
35g flat leaf parsley
0.5g xantham gum

Apple & olive oil fluid part 1
2k granny smith apples
50ml yuzu juice

Apple & olive oil fluid part 2
500ml clarified apple juice
25ml olive oil
0.5g xantham
0.5g gaur gum

Apple dice
2 granny smith apples
20g yuzu juice
10g chiffonade of coriander
20ml olive oil

To Finish

Spoon a little apple dice in the center of the plate and top with the oyster spoon over 2 table spoons of the apple and olive oil fluid
Garnish the oyster with the following sprouts
Mustard frills
Red vein sorrel
Aphelia tips
Purple shiso
And extra small nasturtium leaves






Place the oysters on a damp towel until needed

Herb Champagne
Blend the parsley and champagne in the thermo-mix on high speed for 2 minutes
Strain through a fine cloth
Place the parsley champagne and xantham gum back in the thermo-mix on speed 2 for 25 minutes remove and strain through a chinoise
Place the mixture back into the champagne bottle and carbonate using a perlage champagne carbonating system
Store in the fridge for 1 hour before serving

Apple & olive oil fluid part 1
Juice the granny smith apples and immediately add the yuzu juice
Allow to sit in a tall container in the fridge for 1 hour until the juice separate’s
Using a plastic tube or piping siphon of the clear bottom part of the juice
Strain this juice 1 more time through a fine cloth to obtain a clarified apple juice

Apple & olive oil fluid part 2
Blend the juice with the xantham and gaur on speed 3in the thermo-mix for 15 minutes, once thickened add the olive oil slowly to emulsify
Reserve until needed

Apple dice
Brunoise the apple and mix with all other ingredients
Reserve until needed

To Finish
Finish by pouring over the carbonated herb champagne in front of the guest

Dish combined with cocktails Nikko Spring