Millefeuille of Sourdough bread and rilette of holstein with parsley and yellow carrot

 4 cts

Rilette of holstein
3000 gr. breast of holstein
36 gr. salt
15 pepper
2 garlic
5 carrots
1/2 celery-root
Thyme, rosemary, laurel
Sourdough bread

Crème of parsley
5 Onions
5 white carrots
5 parsley roots
50 gr. Of butter
1 fennel
2 parsley
Clear beef stock (bouillon)

Yellow carrots
2 yellow carrots
20 gr. Butter.


Rilette of holstein
Vacuum all together,
Cook for 20 hours 90C°
in a meat grinder 6 mm
Spice up with Worchester and Tabasco.
Cool down.
Whip up for 5 min with a kitchen robot with the butterfly.
Slice the sourdough bread on 3 mm.
Build up with the whipped rilette like a javanais.
Cool down, cut in pieces, bake for 1 min in a dry pan.

Crème of parsley
Clean and chop all the vegetables except the parsley.
Stew them lightly in the butter.
Ad the stock.
Cook for 20 min.
Finish in thermomix on90 C °
and ad the fresh parsley, mix on full power for 10'
Sift and cool down fast.

Yellow carrots
Clean carrots whit a brush
Vacuum carrots with rosemary, butter, salt and pepper.
Steam for 40 ' on 95 C°, cool down, cut in small pieces,
bake on one side before serving.