Cooking Class: Pasta

03-05-2015 | 04:00 PM

For reservations write to: Tel: +39 02 62012702

Since 1999 Arte del Convivio (Fondazione Gianna Vivante e Sergio Jovinelli) aims at making people understand Italian and international cuisine through professional courses and courses for enthusiasts of all ages. They have now created ConviviumLab which, using the best technologies, organises cooking shows with tastings, product presentations, team building activities, dinners and special, tailor-made events, photo shootings, video productions. Not forgetting that no other organisation such as Arte del Convivio/Convivium Lab can boast such a rich network of relations with the greatest Italian and international chefs.

Every Sunday afternoon ConviviumLab will liven up the Scuola di Cucina inside Identità Expo: among the protagonists there will also be some of the most interesting preparations in Italian cuisine, explained by important speakers. The opening will be with Lola Torres, ConviviumLab's coordinator, who will cook a dish dedicated to the most typical Italian ingredient, pasta, preparing a delicious Cappellaccio made with basil aromatised pasta, filled with goat ricotta and seasoned with tomato.

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Fine dining at Expo 2015 goes under the brand of Identità Golose thanks to Identità Expo, the event – created in collaboration with S. Pellegrino – which for six months will summon great Italian and international chefs to Milan for a unique, extremely elegant temporary restaurant. There will also be lessons, cooking shows, meetings, demonstrations... All this animating a rich programme of events (soon online), the result of the organisational effort and prestige of Identità Golose.