Identità di Libri - Ezio Santin

14-05-2015 | 06:00 PM


Identità di Libri, Identità Expo’s section dedicated to the biggest titles on food, curated by Identità Golose in collaboration with Mondadori, today hosts one of the greatest masters in Italian cuisine, Ezio Santin.

It will be a chance to speak about a book that was published a couple of months ago: Un, due, tre, stella...!, written together with his wife Renata and published by Mondadori Electa (173 pages, 19.90 euros). In this book, the Santin couple tell their story for the first time and re-trace the most important moments in their private and professional life, from their childhood to their magical encounter, from the debut to the great success with Antica Osteria del Ponte, from the self-training to the conquest of the first Michelin star.

They illustrate their life as if it were a film and the restaurant becomes a stage on which famous and non-famous people appear, together with memories and projects. And their masters too, the friendship with Gualtiero Marchesi, the travelling, the books, the research, the restaurants visited and tested, the reflection on how cooking and society too have changed in the last forty years. Finally, there are Ezio Santin’s tips on the ingredients that should not be missing in the kitchen, from A to Z, and a section dedicated to the description of the creative process behind their most famous and appreciated dishes.