Grilled lavaret strips, cress paté, artichokes, orange and lemon

Emmanuel Renaut

2 lavaret fillets
1 bunch of cress
4 artichoke hearts
500 g of spinach
Maldon salt
5 lemons
5 oranges
300 g of sugar
5 juniper berries
1 Vichy pastille


Turn and cook the artichoke hearts. Scald the cress and spinach in salted water. Cut the artichokes and spinach. Cut the artichokes in half and add them to the spinach. Place in a Pacojet. Store in the fridge.

Cut the orange and lemon zest, scald 3 times, marinate in the sugar and dry in the oven at 60 °C. Once thoroughly dry, mix them with the juniper berries and the Vichy pastille, and sieve.

Decoration: cut the lavaret lengthwise and cook under the overhead grill. Process the cress paté in the Pacojet, adjust gently on the plate and sieve if necessary.

Serve the lavaret with the cress paté, the orange and few grains of Maldon salt.