Ciro Scamardella

Credits Brambilla-Serrani

Credits Brambilla-Serrani

Pipero Roma

corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 250
00186 - Roma
+39 06 68139022


Thirty-year old Ciro Scamardella – some might have seen him on Gambero Rosso Channel, the protagonist of a very popular programme with his family called Ciro a Mammà – has lots of experience to speak about.

First catering school, many hours of lab and the internship at Città del Gusto in Naples where he started to work as a tutor in the classroom. Then he arrived at Sorbo Serpico, at Feudi di San Gregorio’sMarennà,directed by chef Paolo Barrale (1 Michelin star), where he spent over a year; then another internship with Cannavacciuolo, at two-star restaurant Villa Crespi, the experience in Capri at Terrazza di Lucullo in luxury Hotel Casear Augustus, with chef Gennaro Esposito as consultant.

His dream, however, was to work in a kitchen with the highest ranking. It came true thanks to Martin Berasategui and his restaurant Lasarte, three stars in Barcelona guided by Italian Paolo Casagrande. First he worked as an intern, and then with a job in another restaurant directed by Berasategui. Then they called him back to Italy, and to Rome: he spent ten months at Anthony Genovese’s Il pagliaccio, and then started 4-year collaboration with Roy Caceres, two of which as sous chef, in that great restaurant called Metamorfosi. As of 31st July 2018, Ciro Scamardella is the chef at Pipero Roma.

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