Claudio Sadler's Menu

26-05-2015 | 12:30 e 14:00


On Mondays and Tuesdays, at lunchtime, the extraordinary Italian chefs of the Contemporary Italian Chef format will be on the stage: the best in fine dining in two very delicious events.

The last protagonist of the month will be Claudio Salder, dad from Trentino and mum from Friuli yet a very well rooted chef in Milan. His curriculum is long: his debut restaurant was in Pavia in 1982, Locanda Vecchia Pavia; meanwhile, in the summer he ran Vela Blu in Portisco in Costa Smeralda; in 1986 Osteria di Porta Cicca in Ripa di Porta Ticinese in Milan, his first Michelin star (1991). In 1995 restaurant Sadler, in Via Troilo, where he stayed for 11 years obtaining the second star (2002), while in 2007 he moved to Via Ascanio Sforza 77.

His masters are Gualtiero Marchesi, cuisine guru in Milan, the lamented Georges Cogny, at the time at work in Piacenza. For 13 years his cooking profession coexisted with his teaching at catering school Carlo Porta, an activity he later continued privately. His cooking is very refined, with a style he never abandons.