Tomaž Kavcic & Gianfranco Pascucci's Menu

31-05-2015 | 19:30 e 21:00


Slovenian Tomaž Kavcic, of restaurant Pri Lojzetu in Dvorec Zemono, Vipavska, is the first of the international protagonists within the “Italian & International Best Chefs” format, with the best chefs at work at Identità Expo.

His cooking respects Slovenian tradition yet adds contemporaneity and looks very much towards the Adriatic Sea. Once upon a time there was jota cabbage soup, kranjska sausages or heavy rolled cakes such as potica. Culinary roots Kavcic has not forgotten: «In Slovenia, it is not Sunday if there’s no broth or soup», he still says. Yet his dishes are modern, light, creative and substantial.

He uses local raw materials, when possible: ham from Vipava, cheese from Nanos, steaks from Pohorje, wines from Slovenia’s Brda area. And his fish from the Adriatic Sea is cooked on a salt plate (the most innovative aspect in his cuisine) or grilled in the oven with potatoes and vegetables.