Enzo Crivella

Credits Brambilla-Serrani

Credits Brambilla-Serrani

Crivella Gelati & Dessert

corso Italia, 54
Sapri (Salerno)
+39 338 1330402

For many artisans of taste, their work is a mission if not a vocation, something for which they have felt an immediate call. For Enzo Crivella, an ice cream maker from Sapri, the son of the first ice cream vendor in this strip of the coast of Campania, this was not the case. He had chosen for himself a different career, and attended the Academy of Arts in Naples. He dreamt of becoming a scenographer.

After his father passed away, however, he had to look after his family, so he returned to Sapri. But he didn’t give up on his passions completely. He put creativity to the service of the local area, working hard in all sorts of projects that had to do with food, restaurants and hospitality and with the presentation of a beautiful but scarcely known region like Cilento: pizza, crêpes Suzette, osterias, gourmet restaurants, cafés and signature pastry making.

At first, though, gelato didn’t thrill him. That was until he understood it could be the most suitable product to communicate something about himself, as well as about his territory, allowing him to fully express his creativity. Indeed, making gelato for Enzois mostly a question of creativity, of presenting what surrounds him, of building new memories while recuperating tradition and working with innovation. And it’s a way of making as many people as possible discover Cilento.

So here comes his mission with ice cream: making a product that is first of all good and healthy, with ingredients like Latte Nobile, fresh fruits, herbs from the National Park of Cilento, signature cocoa, and, – if necessary – high quality paste. To this he always adds something personal. So for instance he created a series of events with chefs, and the “smallest ice cream shop in the world”, a small counter with just one flavour in Morigerati, a village in the inland of Sapri. And he also created unusual flavours, with local ingredients: mozzarella nella mortella (aromatised with myrtle leaves), chickpeas from Cicerale, white artichoke from Tanagro, and culinary connections like spaghetti with butter and anchovy ice cream, with anchovy colatura from Cetara. Provocations that create lots of noise – about Cilento, and the about himself – but are also delicious.

All this hard work was rewarded: in 2013 he got the Gelateria of the Year award from Gastronauta’s online survey, in 2018 he received important prizes like Mam, the Maestro d’Arti e Mestieri award from Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte in partnership with Alma, and he was nominated Ambasciatore della Dieta Mediterranea nel Mondo

He’s a speaker at Identità Milano 2019.

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