Giuseppe Lo Iudice e Alessandro Miocchi

Credits Brambilla-Serrani

Credits Brambilla-Serrani


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Alessandro Miocchi (to the right in the picture) and Giuseppe Lo Iudice – the two cooks that in 2016 gave life to Retrobottega – have different stories and personalities that make them complimentary and are the foundations of the project itself.

Alessandro was born in Albano Laziale (in the province of Rome) in 1984 and after catering school he worked with chefs like Enrico Crippa and Antonio Guida before arriving at Il Pagliaccio. A great lover of nature and the outdoors, he divides his time between the kitchen and the forests of Lazio and Abruzzo, where every week he picks herbs, roots and wild fruits following the seasons, a strong connection with the territory, and an ethical and sustainable approach to food.

Born in 1987 in Salerno, Giuseppe trained in various kitchens around the world, between New York, London and Berlin, and then at the Bulgari Hotel in Milan, before he also joined Anthony Genovese. When Retrobottega reopened – it closed for a few months early in 2018 for extensive renovations that made it more sophisticated and contemporary – he decided to focus on hospitality and service, paying a special attention to the culinary story-telling and to the overall experience.

In December 2018 Alessandro and Giuseppe opened the adjacent RetroPasta, a workshop where they make artisanal pasta with gourmet pastry and fillings, as well as a shop selling carefully selected sauces, preserves, capers, truffles and artisanal dry pasta. RetroVino is soon to open too, a wine shop where you can buy a bottle of wine or drink it, paired with small plates.

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