Saffron rice stirred with extra virgin olive oil and Ossobuco medallion

Andrea Berton

For 4 people

240 g of Carnaroli rice
5 g of butter
4 g of Maldon salt
1.5 l of chicken stock
30 g of grated Grana Padano
20 g of white wine

Oil butter with saffron
100 g of reduced beef stock
200 g of extra virgin olive oil
1.4 g of saffron powder


Mix the hot beef stock with the extra virgin olive oil and saffron powder.

Toast the rice with a knob of butter for 1 minute; add the salt and then the white wine. Leave to evaporate and add the stock, cooking for another 13 minutes.

When cooked, the rice should be very dry. Stir in the saffron meat mayonnaise and the Grana Padano. Complete the dish with the Ossobuco medallion.