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Talent, by itself, is not enough. And it’s not enough to sit on the bench of an important football team if you just look while the champions play. What matters is taking the field, as a first-string, and try even the most difficult blows, better if with the trust and the advice of a "heavy" mister, aka Alessando Pipero, who put in the feet (that is in the hands) of the young champion from Albano Laziale the destiny of one of the emerging teams on the national scene: one of the best novelties of the recent years, from spring 2017 moved to ambitious Pipero Roma.

The trust given was largely rewarded. After the physiological trial period, the class and the style of Monosilio comes out a little more, upon every visit and every dish. With intelligence: the bench served to learn the fundamentals – raw materials from Pierangelini, managing skills from Uliassi, discipline from Crippa. Curiosity, the desire to “devour” books and the passion in front of the stove have made the rest. His is a cuisine with clear flavours, it is fun and always changing, as it is right for someone who’s under 30.

Highlight are Snails, garlic, lentils, carob, paprika and peaty whisky, a dish full of oxymoron, deserving a standing ovation: sharp and soft, very modern but nostalgic. It is also a homage to his family roots in Abruzzo, a memory of when he looked for snails with his grandfather, on the mountains and in the woods between Carsoli and Camerata Nuova. How about the carbonara everyone in Rome talks about? If the monumental version of tradition has already become a benchmark in the capital, at the same time, the young chef works at the one of the future, an (elegant and almost futuristic) experiment, in its presentation, with Egg marinated in miso, Jerusalem artichoke and caviar. Were we to compose the future national team of Italian cuisine, Luciano Monosilio would certainly be among the summoned players.

On 4 June 2018 the end of the association with Pipero: Monosilio announced new adventures.

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Born in Albano Laziale in 1984, after attending catering school he made his first debut at 20, in the kitchen of Roscioli. He had the opportunity to collaborate with Fulvio Pierangelini and Mauro Uliassi. Then came two years of large numbers in South Africa, in a big restaurant in Cape Town. Once back in Italy, he was at Adriano Baldassarre’s Tordo Matto before meeting Alessandro Pipero. After Albano and before the opening in Rome of Pipero al Rex and then Pipero Roma, he warmed up in the kitchen of the tri-starred Enrico Crippa.


Federico De Cesare Viola

Born in Rome, wine and food writer for Il Sole 24OreLa Repubblica and L’Uomo Vogue. He's a lecturer at Iulm and Food Media for several American colleges. Twitter @fdecesareviola