Matteo Metullio

Credits Brambilla-Serrani

Credits Brambilla-Serrani

Harry's Piccolo

piazza Unità d'Italia, 2
34121 - Trieste
+39 040 660606

At the Identità Milano 2017 congress, Matteo Metullio has just turned 28, “14  spent by the sea, 14 in the Dolomites”, he’s care to point out. Born in Trieste, ever since he was a child he knew well what he’d do once as a grown up. Thanks to his grandmother and mother, both passionate about cooking, who gave him his love for good food. And thanks to a capricious knee that forced him to abandon his dream of becoming a football star. Having left his football shoes in a corner, when he was still a teenager he packed and left home to learn the ropes in catering school. Falcade was his chosen destination, where he had the chance to discover mountain culinary traditions with other young people from all corners of Italy. His desire to grow and learn was strong and even the summer gave him a precious opportunity to acquire experience.

His internship at restaurant Alle Codole, in Canale d'Agordo was particularly significant: next to chef Oscar Tibolla he started to develop his idea of cooking. He arrived in Alta Badia at 19. Becoming a member of Norbert Niederkofler’s staff at St. Hubertuswas a great satisfaction. After 4 years he took the chance to work beside Cucchelli as sous chef at La Siriola. Soon Cucchelli took a different road and the Wiesers, owners of the hotel hosting the restaurant, thought of focusing on talented Matteo.

A great challenge for a 24-year-old guy, a bet they won. His work was soon praised by public and critics: among the acknowledgements, his entering the starry skies of Michelin – since the 5th November 2013, a date so important it deserved a tattoo on his arm – stands out. At the time it made him the youngest starred chef in Italy. A cook with a strong and assertive character, he’s developed a lively, free cuisine which plays with nature and the seasons.

“Chilometro vero” [Real km] is the motto behind his philosophy: he believes quality has no boundaries, “km zero” is thus a concept that doesn’t belong to him, especially if it’s a weight or an alibi justifying banal and sad dishes. He clearly explains these thoughts in his Spaghetto freddo a km 4.925, a craveable provocation whose name sums up the distance between the restaurant and the suppliers of his raw materials: spaghetti from Gragnano, San Marzano tomatoes, scampi from Porto Santo Spirito and anchovy colatura from Cetara.

In February 2019 the farewell to La Siriola del Ciasa Salares, will therefore devote himself only to the Harry's Piccolo of Trieste, a Michelin star.

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