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Massimo Bottura

The stock
300 g of Adriatic sprats, open and filleted

The confit lemons
1 organic lemon
1/2 l of still mineral water
1 kg of sugar

Faux herring film
50 g of wine vinegar
10 g of traditional refined balsamic vinegar
15 g of sugar
a little agar

Sea urchin purée
50 g of cleaned sea urchins
1 oyster

30 g of cress
carbon oil

1 very fresh filleted sardine for every portion
15 g of salt and 5 g of marinating sugar


The stock
Lay the sprats on a tray and smoke them, leaving them covered for about an hour. Lay them on the bottom of a pan and cover with still mineral water. Heat to 55 °C and remove them. Leave them to cool and repeat the operation. Filter, using a very fine Chinoise sieve and coffee filters.

The confit lemons
Dissolve and cool. Cut the lemon into wedges and place everything in a vacuum. Leave to marinate for 30 hours.

Faux herring film
Bring everything to the boil and filter through a very fine strainer. Spread on a tray, creating an amber coloured film.

Sea urchin purée
Blend everything and sieve.

Clean the fish. Remove the head, leaving it whole and opening it. Fill it with a coffee spoon of sea urchin and oyster flesh. Add some cress leaves and a very fine slice of lemon zest. Brush with carbon oil. Fold and shape a fillet in the vinegar film. Lay the stuffed sardine in the middle of the plate. Lay the amber coloured film over it (it will look like a herring). Pour the slightly smoked hot stock over it. Serve after a few seconds.