After fishing

Daniel Facen

For the reduced cream
1 l of cream

For the russet apple honey bread
500 g of water
80 g of super whisk egg whites
200 g of honey

For the polenta
300 g of polenta flour
300 g of water

For the chicken consommé
Young chicken

Freshwater prawn
Trout roe
Char fillet
Baby mountain vegetables

For the reduced cream
Process the cream in an evaporator at 37 °C at 160 rpm for 40 minutes. This will give you a thick cream like just the cream of freshly milked milk. Inject a food balloon with 40 g of cream and freeze it with liquid nitrogen. Remove the balloon and perforate the top of the sphere, which will later be filled.

For the russet apple honey bread
Whisk the water with the egg white. When half whisked, add the honey, dry at 70 °C for 24 hours and crumble.

For the polenta
Blend the flour with the water and leave to rest. Collect the water and heat it in the microwave for 3 minutes to obtain a solid residue that will form a wafer.

For the chicken consommé
Make 200 g of young chicken consommé.

Lay the milk sphere on a plate and fill it with eel, scalded freshwater prawns, trout roe and char fillet. End with baby mountain vegetables and with turnip, carrot, peas and beetroot.
Just before serving the plate, cover it with the boiling chicken stock, dissolving the reduced cream and heating the plate. Crumble over the honey bread, which represents snow.