Corrado Sanelli

Gelateria Sanelli

piazza del Popolo, 2
Salsomaggiore (Parma)
T. +39.0524.574261

Corrado Sanelli was born in Salsomaggiore Terme in the province of Parma in August 1945, when the Second World War was finally ending in Asia. Three years later, his parents, Maria and Corino, opened a dairy shop in the village, which always involved Corrado even though, after the Electronic Technician diploma, he worked for 16 years as a programmer for an important local firm.

In 1985 the big change arrived: Sanelli, already in his forties, started to work full time in what is now an ice-cream shop, where he never accepted the compromises that could make him leave the high road of artisanal quality. No industrial bases, only first quality ingredients such as Valrhona chocolate, pistachios from Noto in Sicily (of course), and fruit that only came from the family orchard, or the neighbours’ fields. And the bases for creams were prepared in the workshop using only the few necessary ingredients: organic milk, fresh cream, high quality fresh eggs and sugar.

In 2006 Sanelli partecipated in the Dossier Dessert ice-cream day together with professor Davide Cassi, the father of Italian molecular cuisine. Those who had the opportunity to visit his ice-cream shop, discovered a fantastic Parmigiano ice-cream. Strangely enough, he deduced the recipe from that of a semifreddo made with Stilton, an exceptional English blue cheese, that he found in a Nineteenth century recipe book. It needs to be paired with pear ice-cream.

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