"Beered" sweetbread, and all that gives a balance.

“Beered” sweetbread, black truffle sauces, turnip, smoked guanciale and hazelnut oil

Marco Stabile

For 4 people

300 g of veal sweetbread
½ l of beer
80 g of rhododendron honey
30 g of black truffle
100 g of veal stock
White beer vinegar to taste
150 g of chards, cleaned and scalded
50 g of smoked cinta senese guanciale (pig’s cheek)
Piedmont’s hazelnut oil to taste
De-oiled hazelnut flour
Maldon salt
Wild Madagascar pepper

Leave the sweetbread to marinate for 24 hours in a vacuum pack, together with the beer and honey, then cook them in water for 30 minutes at 60°C. Open the pack, dry the sweetbread and reduce the temperature in a chiller.
Cut the sweetbread in slices 3 cm thick and grill them on both sides in a salamander. Cover them with the de-oiled hazelnut flour, season with the Maldon salt and the freshly ground Madagascar pepper.
Reduce the veal stock with the black truffle and a few drops of vinegar so the taste is balanced.

Pour some hot veal stock on a serving plate; place the crispy sweetbread on top, the warm chards seasoned with Maldon salt and hazelnut oil, and a thin slice of smoked cinta senese pig’s cheek.