Silvio Spinelli

 Credits Brambilla-Serrani

 Credits Brambilla-Serrani


A member of the Accademia Internazionale di Nutrizione Clinica (International Academy of Clinical Nutrition) and a specialist in psychiatry, homeopathy and nutritional therapy, for years doctor Silvio Spinelli has been committed in the development of projects focused on wellbeing-cuisine. His objectives have been different. Firstly, to offer a diet based on the knowledge of the different properties of food, including the transformation that food undergoes when it is cooked, to a numerous public. The second, for cooking to be useful to the reaching of a state of wellbeing on the basis of the different treatments to which ingredients are subject. Because “food” he reveals, “can be useful, neutral or even bad for the health”.

In his recent professional past, in Apulia, the region he is from, he has contributed in creating the “Casa della salute mediterranea” (Home of Mediterranean health), which holds associations from all the provinces in Apulia that work for the protection of citizens and in particular for the protection of their health, while in the past few months he has began a collaboration with the Nocchi’s, a family of entrepreneurs from Bergamo, for the opening of a series of restaurants under the Àmati! brand, a name that well defines their scope of action.

These restaurants will offer a health-based cuisine with cooking-shows and a decisively international approach. The first opening should be in London, in the spring of 2014, but there are also projects for a future location in Milan. The message of the nutritionist, in this case, is that you can take care of yourself even by dining at the restaurant: you only need to choose the right dishes. In this way, you don’t deprive yourself of any kind of food, you just need to eat wisely, knowing how to mix products with different nutritional characteristics. This is a fascinating challenge, that will become part of the discussions during Identità Naturali 2014 and that promises to become one of the trends of the future for those who want to dine and later feel well.

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