Identità New York 2019

Tenth Edition

Each year that we create and organize an edition of Identità New York is more exciting than the last. This next one will be our tenth edition, taking place from Monday, September 23 to Wednesday, September 25 at Eataly Flatiron. No one else outside of Italy has had such a string of successes, from Fall of 2010 to today. It is evidence that we Italians love America’s greatest city, and that the people who live there foster just as much passion, respect, and love for cuisine as we do at home. Italy and the Big Apple – and Italy and America – nourish one another, seek each other out, and challenge each other; from traditions to provocations, from ancient history to contemporary innovations. 

The first edition was an early sign, with more than 12 tri-color chefs. We wanted to let people know that the culinary panorama along our green, white, and red peninsula was in continuous, dynamic movement, and that what we were known for across the Atlantic was, in fact, a picture of the past. Our mission has been accomplished: ten years later, our story has grown and developed, with this latest edition as a symbol of absolute excellence. Italy and America, arm in arm.

Two fundamental pillars, two important and valuable people, have been with us from the start: Lidia Bastianich and Massimo Bottura. She is the voice, the wisdom, and the face of Italy in America; he is the Italian who, more than any other, knew how to rethink and modernize Italian gastronomic heritage all over the world. We like to think of them as the godmother and godfather of Identità New York 2019.

Lidia Bastianich and Massimo Bottura

Lidia Bastianich and Massimo Bottura

This is not just because they have been with us from the start, but also because they have decided to mentor to two fantastic people who work with them: Fortunato Nicotra, the chef at Felidia in Manhattan, and Karime Lopez, the chef at Florence’s Gucci Osteria, the alter ego of Bottura in Piazza della Signoria.

Never before have we had such an extraordinary variety of female participants. To celebrate, this year we’re focusing even more on honoring the innovation, creativity and storytelling from this half of the kitchen. There are more women working as head chefs than ever before, but we know there is still more work to be done. It is our hope that this event will build on the current momentum and advocate for female chefs around the world

The Dine Around, one of the most anticipated events at Identità Golose on September 25, stands out for featuring exclusively female chefs. The roster of participating chefs will include Karime Lopez, from Mexico, and Petra Antolini, a pizzaiola(pizza maker) in Verona – a field that, particularly in a country like Italy, is still markedly dominated by men. Others include Ana Roš, an extraordinary Slovenian chef who lives on the border between Friuli and her home country, allowing her to tap into the best of both culinary worlds. The same goes for Antonia Klugmann of Trieste, whose restaurant, like Roš’s, is located just a few miles from Slovenia, allowing her an open-minded and creative approach. With them comes the exciting return of Missy Robbins, who has a true calling for Italian cuisine, showcased this year with a preparation of pasta fresca, or fresh pasta. Finally, Melissa Rodriguez, Executive Chef of Del Posto and the first woman to lead a kitchen awarded four stars by the New York Times – an achievement even more difficult to attain than three Michelin stars, not to mention for a restaurant offering Italian cuisine. She will offer a presentation of pasta secca, or dried pasta.

Carlo Cracco and Lidia Bastianich

Carlo Cracco and Lidia Bastianich

To round out the program, we are pleased to be featuring a roster of esteemed chefs in five different seminars. One of these will be led by renown pizzaiolo Anthony Mangieri, who works between New Jersey and New York. This premier pizza maker was chosen to give a voice to the world of pizza as it has been reimagined and reinterpreted far from our Italian home. Born in Napoli, it took off to conquer the world, and Identità 2019 will honor one of our country’s most famous exports.

Next, experience dry pasta, in all its splendor: another of our greatest sources of pride will be entrusted to Carlo Cracco, a Venetian chef who has illuminated Milan’s culinary scene for the past 20 years. His interpretations are always innovative and unexpected (his pasta all’uovo, or egg pasta, for example, is made with just the yolk!), and this time will be no different. Finally, we will offer an exclusive seminar with Massimo Bottura at Serra d’Autunno at Eataly’s rooftop, where the Michelin-star chef will demonstrate two special dishes with wine pairing, and give guests exclusive insight into his creative process in the kitchen. 

Never before has Identità shaken things up like this. 

Paolo Marchi
Creator and Curator of Identità Golose


Monday, September 23rd

1pm-2.30pm lesson at the La Scuola di Eataly Flatiron:

Antonia Klugmann (L’Argine a Vencò, Dolegna del Collio - Gorizia) 
Ana Roš (Hiša Franko, Caporetto – Slovenia)

6pm-7.30pm lesson at the La Scuola di Eataly Flatiron:

Carlo Cracco (Cracco, Milano)
Melissa J. Rodriguez (Del Posto, NYC)


Tuesday, September 24th

1pm-2pm lesson at Serra by Birreria:  

Massimo Bottura (Osteria Francescana, Modena)

6pm-7.30pm lesson at the La Scuola di Eataly Flatiron:

Petra Antolini (pizzeria Settimo Cielo, Pescantina - Verona) 
Anthony Mangieri (Una Pizza Napoletana, NYC)


Wednsday, September 25th

12pm-1.30pm lesson at the La Scuola di Eataly Flatiron:

Fortunato Nicotra (Felidia, NYC)
Missy Robbins (Lilia, Brooklyn - New York)


Dine Around - Wednsday, September 25th

Translated into English by Slawka G. Scarso