Gli Autori

Carlo Passera

journalist born in 1974, for many years he has covered politics, mostly, and food in his free time. Today he does exactly the opposite and this makes him very happy. As soon as he can, he dives into travels and good food. Identità Golose's editor in chief

Gabriele Zanatta

born in Milan, 1973, freelance journalist, coordinator of Identità Golose World restaurant guidebook since 2007, he is a contributor for several magazines and teaches Histroty of gastronomy and Culinary global trends into universities and institutes. 
twitter @gabrielezanatt
instagram @gabrielezanatt

Paolo Marchi

born in Milan in March 1955, at Il Giornale for 31 years dividing himself between sports and food, since 2004 he's the creator and curator of Identità Golose. twitter @oloapmarchi

Niccolò Vecchia

Journalist, based in Milan. At 8 years old, he received a Springsteen record as a gift, and nothing was the same since. Music and food are his passions. Author and broadcaster at Radio Popolare since 1997, since 2014 he became part of the staff of Identità Golose 

Cinzia Benzi

a graduate in Psychology, she was enchanted by the Identità Golose galaxy. While studying wine is her life, her gourmet vocation is an evolving discovery 

Claudia Orlandi

writer and screenwriter, she arrived at Identità Golose after training at Gambero Rosso's school of wine and food journalism

Giulia Corradetti

Classe 1985, laurea in Scienze Gastronomiche, passione e lavoro nel mondo gastronomico: cura gli eventi di Identità Golose, la relativa Guida e il sito web

Sara Salmaso

Venetian by adoption, Materan for love, she's a graduate in Medieval History and loves two things above all: reading and eating good food. She worked in publishing for many years. She now works in Identità Golose's press office and she couldn't be happier

Identità Golose

This article is curated by Identità Golose, the publication that organises the international fine dining congress, publishes website and the online Guida Identità Golose, on top of curating many other events in Italy and abroad

Luciana Squadrilli

a journalist born in Naples now living in Rome, she tries to make her three passions meet: eating, travelling and writing

Federica Carr

A British citizen from Naples, obsessive scuba diver, digital marketing manager Monday to Friday, foodie at any given time

Lisa Casali

Environmental scientist and sustainable cooking expert, she's the author of blog Ecocucina on D di Repubblica and of 5 books including “Tutto fa brodo”, "Autoproduzione in cucina" and "Cucinare in lavastoviglie"

Gualtiero Spotti

Raffaele Foglia

A journalist for La Provincia di Como, sommelier and craft beer lover. He believes every glass of wine has a story worth telling. He's part of the wine editorial staff at Identità Golose

Sonia Gioia

A journalist by profession, curious by vocation, she applies her attitude to investigative reports and food features. She's author for Repubblica, Gambero Rosso, Dispensa​


Cristina Bowerman

Glass Hostaria's chef (one Michelin star), located in Rome. President in charge of the Ambasciatori del Gusto association

Martino Lapini

Born in Milan, he works as a copywriter and lives in Romagna. He wishes he could age in a oak barrel. Twitter @martinolapini


Simone Salvini

Alessandra Meldolesi

Umbra di Perugia con residenza a Bologna, è giornalista e scrittrice di cucina. Tra i numeri volumi tradotti e curati, spicca "6, autoritratto della Cucina Italiana d’Avanguardia" per Cucina & Vini

Giovanna Sartor

Born in Venice though she then lived in Milan, in January 2010 she moved to Cape Town. In love with South Africa, her dream is to produce Prosciutto San Daniele here, sooner or later

Andrea Cuomo

Roman, now living in Milan, sommelier, he's reporter of Il Giornale. He's been writing about taste for years

Daniela Cicioni

Vegan and rawist chef based in Como

Mariella Caruso

A journalist from Catania, now in Milan, she was born in 1966. «I travel, meet people and tell stories on Volevofareilgiornalista» and on numerous other publications

Claudio Grillenzoni

A journalist with the bad habit of xenophilia (natural, he's a Germanist) and food (he's from Modena ), he now lives a happy life in China, in Shanghai, building connections between East and West 

Philippe Regol

A French graduate in Spanish Philology, for 40 years now he’s been living in Barcelona and for 20 he’s been a cook. A lover of gastronomy, he now livens up the Observación Gastronómica 2 blog 

Beniamin Chalupinski

Chef, journalist, a Phd in Italian linguistics, author of books on the theme, experiences that converge in the same profession, from writing to cooking, from cooking to journalism and back to cooking. The same that led him to write for Mexican magazines such as ProtocoloSaborearte and Siempre

Davide Bertellini

Cultore del bien vivre, lavorando nella moda ha sviluppato una grande passione per i viaggi e per la cucina

Federico De Cesare Viola

Born in Rome, wine and food writer for Il Sole 24OreLa Repubblica and L’Uomo Vogue. He's a lecturer at Iulm and Food Media for several American colleges. Twitter @fdecesareviola

Lisa Marchesi

Barbara Giglioli

born in Varese, 1990, after a degree in Media languages, she completed a Master in journalism at Università Cattolica of Milan. She loves to cook, to eat and to write about food

Carlo Passera e Gabriele Zanatta

Gianluca Biscalchin

Concetta Bonini

Born in 1987, she’s a professional journalist stubbornly tied to Modica. She’s a sommelier on constant training. Every day she travels around “continental Sicily” in search for food and wine stories, people and businesses. She’s convinced every farmer deserves a novel 

Elisabetta Canoro

a citizen of the world by profession and by passion, over the past 20 years she has travelled to every corner of the globe, written books and tourist guides, worked with Mediaset and various publications dedicated to travel, food and wine and lifestyle (including DoveElleBell'EuropaI Viaggi del Gusto). Today she’s a consultant for Identità Golose, works with Turismo&Attualità, Panorama TVMarco Polo and is the deputy editor at The Cube Magazine

Giovanna Abrami

born in 1979 in Milan, her mother is from Alto Adige and her father is a Croatian grown up in Trieste: she’s the daughter of Italian irredentism and is strongly attracted by the southern hemisphere. She has written (for Diario and Agrisole among others), translated (includingPellegrino Artusi’sLa scienza in Cucina ), eaten and tasted – without ever stopping taking pictures – in Argentina, Chile and Guatemala for over 5 years. Since she had to move to Italy, she went as south as she could. Since 2016 she lives in Sicily, and collaborates with Wine in Sicily and Identità Golose

Ilaria Brunetti

Mathematician by chance, gourmand by passion, she loves to travel around the world – what with conferences on mathematics and chefs’ congresses – and tell stories about food and their passionate and fascinating protagonists

Marialuisa Iannuzzi

Born in Irpinia in 1991, she studied Foreign Languages at university, and then International Studies. But then she followed her heart and so her love for hospitality was born in the New Forest (U.K.). Her love for food had always been alive and kicking.  After manging the hospitality at Identità Golose Milano, today she reports on flavours for Identità Golose. Isa travels, and tastes. She keeps her sensations alive through words.

Valeria Carbone

Valeria Senigaglia

Born in 1985, marine biologist and sustainability and cooking enthusiast. After living in many places, from NY to the Philippines, she returned to Italy and worked in communication as a freelance journalist. Now she lives in Australia

Aline Borghese

a culinary journalist, she has also launched a service of culinary concierge for those who want to travel… with taste. Of Russian origins, she lives in Italy and travels around the world, searching for new flavours. She writes about food and wine, and collaborates with publications in Italy and Russia 

Christian Milone

born in 1979, chef of Gastronavicella at Trattoria Zappatori in Pinerolo (Torino). Winner of the second edition of Birra Moretti Grand Cru Award

Julia Pérez

Spanish food reporter for El Mundo and Gastroactitud. Her book, "100 Culinary experiences not to be missed", insipired a TV series on Tve

Luciana Bianchi

Half Italian, half Brazilian, she works both as chefs and as food writer. Among all the thing she does, she's author of the World’s 50 Best blog

Tokyo Cervigni

A media professional divided between Paris, London and Tokyo. He writes about restaurants as an excuse to speak about many more things

Angela Barusi

Trained as a museum expert, she promotes food heritage through Forma Libera. A passionate food specialist, she presents the food and people she’s met between France, Italy and Spain

Annalisa Cavaleri

Antonio Vasile

Ben Reade

Born in Edinburgh, head of culinary research and development at the Nordic Food Lab, he spends his time navigating the world through his nose and mouth

Claudio De Min

Journalist, a life dedicated to sports as a reporter, he's in charge of the food and travel section of the Gazzettino di Venezia 

Stefania Lattuca

Born in 1976, she studied law. Her first job is being a mother. Travelling and gastronomy are the engine to her life. Travelling between food and territories

Alessandra Gesuelli

Journalist and travel writer. She has visited almost one hundred countries and writes about it in the most important national newspapers. She collaborates with magazines Marco Polo and Bell’Europa and with Il Giornale's travel section. Online you can also find her on The Travel News and her blog Viaggiale

Angelo Carrillo

Chiara Nicolini

A Master in Food&Wine Communication, she's an obsessive organiser, and drowns in an inch of good wine. Born in Liguria, she now lives in Milan

Daniele Pennati

classe 1980, chef del ristorante Hotel Roseg a Chiesa Valmalenco, Sondrio

Davide Visiello

Born in 1974 near Naples, now living further south, he’s a sommelier and coffee taster convinced that those born in Vico Equense like him have a gourmet imprinting by birth. He lives, writes and organises events in Palermo, but eats and drinks everywhere

Emma De Danieli

Eugenio Jacques Christian Boer

Federico Delmonte

Francesca Brambilla e Serena Serrani

Food photographers working together since 2007

Francesca Zanetti

a Business graduate born in Parma, Francesca has been promoting Italian wine and food in America for the past 25 years, especially in California

Massimo Bottura

Born in Modena in 1962, he opened Osteria Francescana in 1995, earning 3 Michelin stars (2011) and the first place in the World's Fifty Best (2016 and 2018). He founded Food for Soul, and opened Refettori in Milan, Bologna, Modena, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, LondonHe's the author of best-seller "Never trust a skinny chef" and of "Bread is Gold", both published by Phaidon

Maurizio Trezzi

journalist, born in 1966, a graduate in Physics, today he works in communication. He reported on two Olympic Games and 5 athletics world cups for Eurosport. A great lover of fine food, Caribbean rum and golf

Viviana Varese

Andrea D'Aloia

Born in Abruzzo in 1979, he's been working in the communication industry since 2001. Over the past few years he's developed a sort of obsession, constantly searching for emerging chefs. He eats, drinks, writes: of territories and ingredients, producers and chefs. And takes lots of pictures, so he won't forget any detail 

Camilla Baresani

Writer, she's fond of food and restaurants above all. Her website is Recently, she wrote in Italian "Gli Sbafatori" (Mondadori Electa publisher) 

Ciccio Sultano

chef of restaurant Duomo in Ragusa Ibla, Sicily, 2 Michelin stars

Elisa Della Barba

Felice Modica

Wine and olive oil producer from Noto (Siracusa), he’s a hunter, fisherman, smoker and loves swimming, reading, travelling, eating fine food and drinking even better wine 

Francesca Natali

Francesco Apreda

Giorgia Cannarella

Living in Bologna by birth and by choice, she writes about food and all it implies for Munchies ItaliaVice's website dedicated to food, and offline for Gazza Golosa  and Dispensa. Her passions include Cynar, biscuits and woods, not necessarily in this order 

Giuseppe Iannotti

Laura Di Pietrantonio

born in the Marche in 1983, she eats, writes and speaks of food full time. She’s a journalist and co-founder of web magazine

Marina Mayevska

Managing Editor of Drinks+ – magazine on wine, beverages, restaurants, est. 1996. Gastronomy and wine journalist since 2005; contributing author of Harper’s Bazaar Ukraine and other glossy publications; Ukraine's 100 Best Restaurants editor-in-chief (2010, 2011)

Matteo Aloe

Michela Cimnaghi

Stefano Vegliani

A sports journalist for Eurosport, having reported on 16 Olympic Games (the latest, Pyeongchang 2018), he has an old passion for food. He’s been a reviewer at Identità Milano since the very first edition 

Tunde Pecsvari

Alain Ducasse

Frenchman, born in 1956 in Castel-Sarrazin, Aquitaine, is one of the most celebrated haute cuisine chef. Chief of a group including 27 restaurants in the world

Alan Jones

British-Slovenian, born in 1971, he was raised in Ticino, in Italian Switzerland, and has been working in a bank for almost two decades. His passions are good food, wines and travelling. He became a food enthusiast ten years ago, after watching Gordon Ramsay’s first TV shows and started to travel first around Italy and the Europe and elsewhere in the world in search of the best restaurants. A good dish must always thrill him, because cooking, like many other forms of art, is about emotionsBritish-Slovenian, born in 1971, he was raised in Ticino, in Italian Switzerland, and has been working in a bank for almost two decades. His passions are good food, wines and travelling. He became a food enthusiast ten years ago, after watching Gordon Ramsay’s first TV shows and started to travel first around Italy and the Europe and elsewhere in the world in search of the best restaurants. A good dish must always thrill him, because cooking, like many other forms of art, is about emotions

Alberto Sparacino

Born in 1984, since march 2014 is chef de cuisine at Il Colombaio in Casole d’Elsa (Siena)


Alda Fantin

From Bassano del Grappa in Veneto, after a Master in Food & Wine Communication, she joins the staff of Identità Golose in the summer of 2016. She loves Bob Dylan and delicious food

Alessio Cancedda

classe 1989, sous-chef del ristorante S’Apposentu di Casa Puddu a Siddi (Oristano), stellato dal 2012

Alfio Ghezzi

Amelia De Francesco

Born in Naples, now based in Lucca, she started off as a literary critic before focusing on wine and food (her passion). She loves travelling and the friendly atmosphere of a dining experience

Andrea Ciprian

Born in Belluno in 1972, he's a freelance journalist. He's been collaborating for the past decade with various food and wine publications, in Veneto and Italy

Andrea Galanti

Born in Florence in 1984 («An awful year for wine», he jokes), he was voted Best Sommelier in Italy at the 49th AIS Congress, in November 2015. He works at Galanti's, a wine-delicatessen shop in Florence his grandfather Aldo opened in 1960

Andrea Petrini

Andrea Vignali

he travels to eat, and eats to travel, telling stories about the things that stimulate his taste buds and his tiny grey cells.

Antonia Klugmann

Antonio Borruso

Aurora Storari

born in Rome in 1992, after completing the Master di Cucina Italiana in Creazzo (Vicenza), she worked in London at Hedone and in Milan at Trussardi alla Scala and Ratanà. Since 2019 she’s been working at Chambre Séparée in Gent, Belgium

Barbara Guerra and Albert Sapere

Beniamino Nespor

Beniamino Nespor and Eugenio Roncoroni

Bruce Palling

Already as a Vietnam war reporter,  former Wall Street Journal Europe food columnist, he's now author of

Carlotta Casciola

Born in Umbria, now living in Spain, she’s a globetrotter by vocation. A graduate in Economics, since 2003 she works in the tourism, wine and gastronomy industry for Alacarta. Twitter @alacarta

Carmine Di Domenico

Claudio Ceroni

Founder of Magenta Bureau, an agency specialised in organising special events including all that has to do with Identità Golose

Cristiana Romito and Gianni Sinesi

respectively maître and sommelier at restaurant Reale in Castel di Sangro (L’Aquila), 3 Michelin stars

Cristiano Valli

Twenty years as a journalist, radio host, advertiser – still learning. It took him three days to fall in love with San Francisco – it was 2003 – and he's still there. Made in Italy, against his will.

Daniel Humm

swiss born, in 2006 he became the executive chef of Eleven Madison Park in New York City, gaining 3 Michelin stars


Davide Caranchini

Davide Del Duca

Delia Demma

Giornalista siciliana trapiantata in Toscana, scrive per le riviste di American Express di viaggi, lifestyle ed esperienze gourmet

Donato Marzolla

from Brindisi, he has worked for many years on the Amalfi Coast, as maître at Rossellinis in Palazzo Avino. In 2014 he started working in London as restaurant manager at Hotel Baglioni, then he returned home with the same role at Borgo Egnazia, in Savelletri di Fasano. In 2014 the Guida di Identità Golose nominated him best restaurant manager of the year. He has worked and still works on many projects around the world 

Elisa Nata

born in the iconic Eighties, her love for writing started in PR, while she's always been passionate about food and wine. A tireless explorer of food, pairings and flavours, she's a freelance food reporter collaborating with and with various digital publications including

Enrico Camelio

born in Rome, 1971, graduated into Tourism economy, he's now working as a haute cuisine consultant. He's been working together with Heinz Beck, Antonello Colonna and Niko Romito

Enrico Panero

born in Piedmont, 1987, he's now the chef of Da Vinci restaurant, inside Eataly Firenze

Enrico Saravalle

Enzo Coccia

Errica Tamani

Author of Gli anni d'oro della cucina parmigiana, published by Accademia Italiana della Cucina, she contributes to “Gusto”, the food page of Gazzetta di Parma

Fabrizio Tesse

classe 1978, chef del ristorante Locanda d’Orta a Orta San Giulio (Novara)

Federica Andrisani

Federica Scolta

Ferran and Albert Adrià

catalan chefs, born in 1962 and 1969, were both born in Hospitalet de Llobregat, in the municipality of Barcelona

Fiorenza Auriemma

Giornalista, si è occupata di mass media, salute, fitness e prima infanzia. Fino all’incontro, qualche anno fa, con la gastronomia, che l’ha definitivamente conquistata

Francesco Ferrari

Fulvio Marcello Zendrini

Born in Trieste, he first worked for advertising agency Armando Testa, then in the communication management of companies such as Michelin, Honda, Telecom Italia. Today he’s a business and political marketing and communication consultant for clients such as Autogrill, He teaches at Università degli Studi di Scienze Gastronomiche di Pollenzo and Università di Genova, as well as at Niko Romito FormazioneIntrecci Scuola di Sala and In-Cibum. He’s the president of Associazione "Le cose cambiano", fighting against homophobic bullying

Gastón Acurio

Born in Lima in 1967, he's a monument of New peruvian cuisine. He runs restaurants in Peru, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, United States

Gianna Melis

Sardinian journalist, she loves travelling, laughing, swimming and eating. Not necessarily in this order. She loves original dishes, made with poor ingredients 

Gianni Revello

Ligurian, an art and food lover, while waiting to eat, he writes about what he’s already eaten: food worth writing, worth eating 

Giovanni Farinella

sicilian blood, in love with raw red prawns and the aroma of sautéed onions. He deals with marketing, artificial intelligence and

Giovanni Giberti

Giovanni Lorusso

chef of Lampare al Fortino in Trani, Apulia region

Giovanni Sorrentino

Giuseppe Palmieri

born in 1975, Osteria Francescana's maître and sommelier in Modena, he's also the curator of Glocal, think global live local, "organic blog"

Iside De Cesare

chef and owner, together with her husband Romano Gordini, of restaurant La Parolina Trevinano, near Acquapendente, Lazio region

Jaclyn DeGiorgio

born in New York, now settled in Milan, she's a journalist and food tour guide with a talent for sudoku. She prefers pandoro to panettone, loves long pasta and cappuccino without any cinnamon or cocoa. Follow her on her adventures on InstagramTwitter and on her blog

Joanna Savill

A longtime food journalist and ex editor at GFG, she's a traveller hungry for unique experiences and co-author of "Around The World in 80 Dinners", a tribute to the most memorable meals she's enjoyed around the world

Josean Alija

born in 1978, he's the chef of Nerua restaurante, which is a part of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Bask Countries

Lisa Foletti

Livio Pedroncelli

classe 1982, sous-chef del ristorante stellato Pomiroeu a Seregno (Milano)

Luca Caviola

Luca Torretta

Born in 1974, a graduate in Civil Engineering with an innate passion for cocktails, spirits and wines, he’s never tired of discovering, learning and tasting. Instagram luca.torretta

Luciana Squadrilli e Carlo Passera

Luigi Salomone

Luigi Salomone, sous chef of restaurant Marennà in Sorbo Serpico (Avellino)

Maico Campilongo

Born in 1973 in Scalea (Calabria) the son of a bricklayer and a housewife, after studying engineering he arrived on the West Coast with his brother Franco, and opened pizzeria Terún in Palo Alto. A success: it became a favourite for Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg, or Apple’s CEO Tim Cook. Now he’s doubled with iTalico, dedicated to pasta

Massimo Larosa

Matias Perdomo

Matteo Chiaudrero

Matteo Fronduti

Born in 1977, (proud of being) Milanese from the Gorla neighbourhood, he started at Villa Fiordaliso, then in Milan at Trattoria del Nuovo Macello, Armani Café, Trussardi alla Scala and Just Cavalli. After Davide Oldani’s D’O he started his own business: since May 2008 he’s patron-chef at Manna

Maurizio De Riggi

Melinda Joe

american journalist, she lives in Tokyo and travels around the world writing about food, sake and wine. She's a columnist for Japan Times, and collaborates with NewsweekCNNGourmet SwedenWall Street Journal
twitter: @melindajoe

Michele Cella

classe 1982, sous-chef del ristorante stellato Vecchia Malcesine a Malcesine (Verona)

Moreno Cedroni

Nicholas Bonati

Nicola Massa

Olivier Reneau

As a journalist he’s been writing about contemporary creations (art, architecture, design) and art de vivre (food, wine and mixology) for over 25 years. He writes for magazines (Air France MadameTheGood LifeLes Echos SL and Ideat) and guides (LebeyInterni...). Since 2016 he’s the editor in chief at Cuisines Révolution

Paola Pellai

A professional journalist, she was born in a good year for wine. She has worked in every field, from sports to politics, because following your curiosity is the best way not to bore and get bored. She has no allergy or food bias, so she'll taste everything. If you want to maker her happy, read her book of illustrated stories, Il tempo di uno sguardo

Paolo Marchi and Gabriele Zanatta

head editor and editor in chief of Identità Golose

Pietro Cheli

Roberta Rampini

Born in 1968, a professional reporter and collaborator at Il Giorno since 2000. Co-author of Storie di cibo nelle terre di Expo. Not too skilled in the kitchen, she’s a lover of fine food, and loves telling the stories of the “souls” behind gastronomy 

Roberta Sudbrack

chef of Roberta Sudbrack restaurant in Rio de Janeiro

Roberto Flore

Born in 1982 in Seneghe, in Montiferru (Sardinia), he travelled around the world and stopped in Copenhagen in February 2014. The following June he became the head chef at the Nordic Food Lab, of which he directs the gastronomic research

Ryan King

Ryan King is an international food journalist living in Milan. He's a web editor at Fine Dining Lovers and prides himself on being a down to earth Yorkshire man who will eat anything once. Twitter @RJKingSays


Serena Palumbo

Serena Palumbo is an Italian living in New York. In the daytime she's a lawyer and her evenings are dedicated to cooking and blogging for her site Lemonade25 and The Daily Meal. When not in the office or in the kitchen, she loves reading books and comics from Marvel, going to the cinema or to a theater, getting lost in the streets of New York and traveling with her family.

Simone Cantafio

Simone Nebbia

born in 1991, he's the sous chef of restaurant S'Apposentu in Siddi (Vs), chef Roberto Petza

Simone Padoan

 born in Verona in 1971, he's leading San Bonifacio's I Tigli since 1995: it's a pizzeria that changed our way of consuming pizza

Stefano Cipollini

Tania Mauri

A food writer and a traveller, she was born in Torino, but now lives in Rome. She's always worked in the communication industry. She writes of wine and food "by chance" and by passion for various Italian publications

Tania Mauri e Carlo Passera

Valentina Santonastaso

Classe 1985, una laurea in Lettere e Filosofia e un master al Gambero Rosso di Napoli, ha una grande passione per le identità culturali e la memoria gastronomica mediterranea

Vincenzo Rizzi

Vladimiro Poma

classe 1984, sous-chef del ristorante Erba Brusca a Milano

Alba Esteve Ruiz

Alba Pezone

Alberto Cauzzi

Girovago dei ristoranti, come piaceri indulge soprattutto su quelli della tavola. Ama dialogare nei blog a tutta gola ed è uno dei fondatori del sito

Aldo Zivieri

Alessandro Frassica

Alessandro Perricone

born in 1988, he's the sommelier and restaurant manager at Relae in Copenhagen, in partnership with chef Christian Puglisi. Their other partnerships include ManfredsBæst and Mirabelle, sustainable Farm of Ideas and wine importer Vinkultur

Alessia Odoardi

Italian-Canadian, from Abruzzo. A compulsive traveller, and professional taster. When she’s not writing, she eats; when she’s not eating, she writes. She doesn’t like labels, except when it’s wine ones. She writes in Italian and English on her blog wherethefoodiesgo.comand here and there on the web

Alice Delcourt

Ana Roš

chef of restaurant Hiša Franko a Caporetto in Slovenia

Andrea Besuschio

Andrea Grignaffini

born in Parma in 1963, he directs the Guida Vini dell'Espresso and is the author of various books, the latest of which is "Il Cuoco universale. La cultura del piatto" (Marsilio)

Andrea Miacola

Born in 1987 in Vieste (Foggia), he has plenty of experience in Italy and abroad. Above all, with Carlo Cracco, Massimiliano Alajmo and in Portugal with Dieter Koshina. He now works in the De Jilibije team with Jonnie Boer

Anna Sala

Antonella Ricci

together with her husband Vinod Sookar, she's the chef of restaurant Al Fornello da Ricci in Ceglie Messapica, Apulia region

Antonio Montalto

born in Calabria in 1987, pastry chef of Antica Corte Pallavicina in Polesine Parmense near Parma, chef Massimo Spigaroli

Arcangelo Tinari

Åsa Johansson

born in Stockholm in 1978, arrives in Tuscany in 2001 to graduate in Political Sciences. She writes about wine, food and travel for Swedish and Norwegian publications. She produces olive oil in Tuscany and started the first podcast on Italian wine in Sweden, When she’s not travelling, working on her computer or pruning her olive trees, she runs to the sea with her surfing board

Aurora Mazzucchelli

Barbara Marzano

she arrives in Milan after a stop at university and a short stay at Holden. A copywriter by profession, in her free time she looks for stories, chats with chefs and artists, and only writes about what she likes on Immersioneau

Barbara Pisano

Barbara Slavich

Professor of Management at the Department of Management at Iéseg School of Management (Paris), she teaches organizational behaviour, organizational design and creative and innovative management. Her research focuses on creativity and social and organizational processes in the luxury industry, with a special attention to fine dining

Bilal Topaloglu

Born in 1993, he’s chef de partie and pastry-chef at Eataly’s Ristorante Italia in Istanbul, signed by Massimo Bottura. In love with Italy, he has worked for a few years in the Peninsula, at Giuda Ballerino and with Frank Rizzuti

Bleri Dervishi

born in Korça, in Albania, in 1993,  he arrived in Italy on a dinghy boat with his parents, at the age of 4. His mother was a kitchen hand in restaurant Lo Scalo in Chiusi Scalo: that’s where his passion for cooking was born. Then he studied at catering school in Chianciano Terme, and then worked in Italy and abroad: at Inkiostro in Parma with Terry Giacomello, at relais Monaci delle Terre Nere in Zafferana Etnea, and before that in Spain with Eneko Atxa. In 2015 he won the Albanian edition of MasterChef

Bob Noto

Bob Noto was born in Turin in 1956, the city where he lived and worked. He worked on photography and graphic art for 35 years and gastronomy for 25 years. Some of the customers he worked for are Abitare, Apicius, Cucina & Vini, Culture + Travel, De Agostini, Gambero Rosso, Giunti, La Repubblica, La Stampa, L'Espresso, Mcs, Panorama and Rai Sat. He was the curator of a gastro-photographic column on both Mejor de la Gastronomia and Identità Golose websites. All his jobs are always marked by a touch of irony

Carlo Passera e Luciana Squadrilli

Carlo Passera e Niccolò Vecchia

Carlo Passera and Tanio Liotta

The former, born in 1974 in Milan, a professional journalist since 1999, coordinates the editorial team of (Instagram: carlopassera). The latter, born in Calabria in 1990, is an artist passionate about design. He studied Food & Wine Communication and collaborated with various food & wine publications.  He also works on food art and food photography projects (Instagram: tanioliotta)

Carlo Tofani

Caterina Ceraudo

chef of Dattilo in Strongoli, Calabria region

Cecilia Lami

Cecilia Todeschini

Cesare Battisti

Chiara Buzzi

a true Piedmontese, born in 1986 and a degree in Culture and Arts Economics, after years working in Milanese bars, she’s now the general manager at Rita’s Tiki Room, a spin-off of Rita, Milan. She travels out of passion, works out of passion, eats passionately 

Chiara Marchi

born in Trieste in 1978. Extroverted to the bone, she loves chatting, discovering, sharing. Thirteen years spent working in the coffee industry, from raw to toasted. After travelling around Italy she left her permanent job and took on a new venture called MissClaire, an editorial project where she shares her passions: food, travel and self-produced design. She carefully selects local-oriented restaurants in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Slovenia, Croatia and Austria

Chiara Patracchini

Christian Andrè Pettersen

 Sous-chef at Spiseriet Restaurant in Stavanger, Norway. Finalist at the first S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2015 contest.

Christoph Bob

Born in Hamburg, Germany, in 1973, married to a Neapolitan, he’s at the helm of Refettorio at Monastero di Santa Rosa in Conca dei Marini on the Amalfi Coast (Salerno), one Michelin star

Claudio Sadler

Born in 1956, he’s a successful blend: he was born in Milan, where he enjoys living, to a father from Trentino and mother from Friuli. He opened his first restaurant in 1982, got a Michelin star in 1991 at Osteria di Porta Cicca, and then also in Via Troilo, which doubled in 2002. In 2007 he moved to Via Ascanio Sforza 77, one success after the other

Cristina Bowerman e Pierluigi Roscioli

chef at Glass Hostaria and baker at Antico Forno Roscioli, they recently joined at newborn Romeo restaurant

Cristina Viggè

from Lombardy, she graduated in Literature and started working as a journalist. Then she changed direction, towards travels, food and wine. She now directs Fuori Magazine, the new editorial project of Petra-Molino Quaglia

Daniele Zennaro

born near Rovigo in 1979, he's the chef of Osteria Vecio Fritolin in Venice


Danilo Giaffreda

Architect, photographer, food-blogger. Born in Apulia, a nomad by profession, he goes across Italy looking for wine and food love stories. Words and images that get caught in the memory and become an illustration of these passions. He’s the author of

Dario Abbate

born in Palermo in 1980, he’s the executive chef at the Mandarin Oriental in Bodrum, Turkey. Before that, he worked in prestigious hotel restaurants, in Italy (Four Seasons in Milan, Radisson Blu in Milan and Rome, Castello di Velona in Tuscany, L'Accanto at the Grand Hotel Angiolieri on the Amalfi Coast, with Vincenzo Guarino) and abroad (in Chicago, Bergen, Hamburg, Basel and Dubai always with the Carlson Rezidor, which is the group to which the Radisson brand belongs)

David Tamburini

Born in Vinci, near Florence, in 1973, he was chef at La Gazza Ladra in Modica, Giando in Hong Kong, Sukhotai in Bangkok. Since March 2020 he's chef at restaurant Level 36, in the 36th floor of hotel Ana Crowne Plaza in Kobe, Japan

Davide Groppi

Davide Oldani

Born in Milan in 1969, he invented pop cuisine, that is to say creating great dishes with poor ingredients. Classic and powerful training with four great masters: Marchesi, Roux, Ducasse, Hermé

Deborah Corsi

chef of La Perla del Mare restaurant in San Vincenzo, near Livorno, Tuscany

Dino Borri

Domenico Della Salandra

Eleonora Cozzella

Elisa Arduini

maître and co-owner of The Cook restaurant in Genoa

Elisa Arduini e Barbara Pisano

Elisa Bellavia

Emanuela Tommolini

Ennio Colaiezzi

A professional creative with a strong interest in communication. He moved to Australia and is based in Melbourne. He works in the food industry and takes pictures when travelling so as to preserve the romanticism. His first white hair appeared when he was twelve. Today he writes because he’s fed up of speaking

Enzo Palladini

Enzo “Charles” Palladini (Milan, 1965) is a sports reporter for Mediaset since 2002 after a long career at Corriere dello Sport-Stadio. A life with 4 Fs: Family, Football, Food (& drink), f…. rock music

Enzo Vizzari

Erika Mantovan

a graduate in Economics and tourism valorisation, she puts into practice what she learnt to shed light on the territory through recipes and wines. She’s dynamic and curious. It’s the search for craveable identities  that urges her to travel, always

Fabiano Omodeo

Born in 1968, he started working as a barman when he was very young. During the six months of Expo Milano 2015 he was the bar manager at Identità Expo S.Pellegrino

Fabio Barbaglini

borni in Desio in 1974 di Desio but grown up in Arona, chef of Ezio Santin's Antica Osteria del Ponte in Cassinetta di Lugagnano (Milano) since 2012

Federica Tafuro

Federico Beretta

Born in 1983, originally from Milan, he’s the chef at Feel in Como. He’s a member of the Slow Food Chef Allegiance and of Chic - Charming Italian Chef

Federico Zanasi

born in Modena, former Moreno Cedroni's sous-chef, he's now working at Principe delle Nevi in Cervinia (winter) and Clandestino in Portonovo (summer)

Felice Sgarra

Flavio Tripepi

Born in Rome in 1989, he studied at Artusi Catering School in the capital. Then came some work experience, always behind the bar, in London and in Italy, before moving to Australia in 2010.

Fosca Tortorelli

Neapolitan, born in 1978, she’s an architect and sommelier Ais. She’s a member of the Narratori del Gusto and together with Centro Studi Assaggiatori in Brescia she participates in wine and food tasting panels. She collaborates with magazine L’Assaggio, and other publications, and is a member of association Donne del Vino

Francesca Brambilla, Federico Cicogna e Serena Serrani

Francesca Cane

Piedmontese, from Bra, she graduated in Socio-Cultural Education in Torino, and since 2018 she’s maître at restaurant Mugaritz in Errenteria, Basque Country, 2 Michelin stars and number 7 in the World's 50Best

Francesco Acquaviva

Born in Rome in 1990, despite being very young he’s already had plenty of experience: Giuda Ballerino, Il Convivio Troiani, Hosteria dell’Orso with Marchesi, then Colonna, Dacosta, Romito, Cracco,Perbellini. His mentor, however, is Heinz Beck: he has worked at La Pergola and is now in Dubai at Social by Heinz Beck

Francesco Di Lorenzo

Francesco Salvo

Born in Naples in 1977, he graduated in 2003 in Building Engineering, but then decided to work in the family pizzeria. He currently manages his Salvo Pizzaioli in San Giorgio a Cremano, In team with his brother Salvatore

Gabriele Pompei

Gaia Giordano

Galileo Reposo

born in 1978, alumnus of Leemann, Marchesi and Ducasse, he's now the pastry chef of Vun at Park Hyatt in Milan

Gian Pietro Damini

Gigi Padovani

Born in Alba (Cn) in 1953, he’s a journalist and writer. He’s worked at La Stampa for 26 years, as reporter and senior editor, and now collaborates with Leggo and various publications. He received many awards, including Bancarella Cucina and Prix de la Littérature Gastronomique 2017 from the Académie Internationale de la Gastronomie. A culinary critic, he’s written over 20 books, alone or with his wife Clara. The latest include: Street food all’italiana (Giunti 2013), Mondo Nutella (Rizzoli 2014), L’arte di bere il vino e vivere felici (Centauria 2016), Tiramisù (Giunti 2016)

Ginevra D'Alessandro

Giorgio Gandola

Giovanni Fiorin

Giulia Caffiero

born in Cagliari in 1992, after working at Cucina.Eat in Sardinia, 28Posti and Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia in Milan, she arrived at Geranium in Copenhagen, 3 Michelin stars, in October 2019

Giulia Fidone

Giuseppe Cordioli

For many years a reporter for Messaggero Veneto, he’s passionate about gastronomy and aviation, especially Frecce tricolori

Giuseppe Gasperoni

Helmuth Köcher

Hosam Eldin Abou Eleyoun

Born in 1966 in Assuan, he graduated in Chemistry from Alexandria University in Egypt. He arrived in Italy in 1993, became a sommelier in 2003 and has been the Ais Milano delegate since 2010. He shares his passion for wine with his wife Marinella

Isabella Potì

born in 1995 in Rome to Polish mother and father from Lecce, she’s always been passionate about food; she trained with Claude Bosi in London and Martin Berasategui and Paco Torreblanca, in Spain. When in high-school, she had already met the Pellegrino Bros, and further researched her pastry making skills during an internship with Francesco Pellegrino, the “sweet” brother of her current partner Floriano (and of Giovanni). On the 26th December 2015 she returned to Italy to join the Bros adventure, first as sous, then, since 2019, as head chef

Jessica Natali

Joxe Mari Aizega

General Director at the Basque Culinary Centre

Klementina Koren

born in 1978, originally form Gorizia, she’s a public speaker and teacher, with a passion for crisis management cases. She works in the food and wine industry for small Italian niches, on which she believes one has to aim the spotlight, in the role of "light technician". She loves travelling, discovering places and aromas from around the world and then return home, richer in experiences and stories to tell. She writes on

Laura Lazzaroni

Loide Pappadà

Lorenzo Cogo

A chef from Vicenza, born in 1986, after a series of important experiences all around the world, in 2011 he opened El Coq, his restaurant in Marano Vicentino

Lorenzo Dal Bo

Born and raised in Bologna in 1993, Lorenzo, after studying at Alma, in Colorno decides to move to Faroe Islands to do an intership at Koks restaurant (Torshavn). After experiencing at Noma, in Copenahagen, at Da Vittorio's in Brusaporto and in New Zeland he flies to Lima, Perù. 2 years at Virgilio Martinez's Central, upgrading to sous chef. And since 2019 he is sous chef for IceQ in Sölden, Austria

Luca Milanetto

he believes a day is a good one only when he discovers a new restaurant serving fine food. A gourmet by passion, an inhabitant of the combative Valle Susa, in the time that is left he takes care of welfare policies and social innovation

Luciana Squadrilli e Gabriele Zanatta

Luciano Monosilio and Alessandro Pipero

chef and maître of Pipero al Rex in Rome, 1 Michelin star awarded on november 2012

Luciano Pignataro

Luigi Ferraro

Born in Cassano al Ionio (Cosenza, Calabria) in 1979, a globetrotter cook, since January 2020 he’s the executive sous chef at the Four Seasons in Doha, Qatar

Lydia Capasso

Manuela Laiacona

A true palermitana, with all its pros and cons (so make sure you call the typical rice cakes arancinE, not  arancinI). She lives between Sicily and Calabria. Her video column Storie di Terra  is featured by Repubblica Palermo, and she's the co-founder of Cooking Soon  part of

Marco Stabile

born in 1973, he's the chef of Ora d'Aria in Florence, 1 Michelin star

Maresa Bisozzi

Maria De La Paz

born in Colombia, she's the chef of La Locanda restaurant in Montecchio, Umbria region

Maria Jose Jordan

Peruvian chef, 24, Chef de Partie at Amaz in Lima. She was one of the finalists at the first S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2015

Maria Manasidchthani

Marianna Vitale

chef of Sud Ristorante in the town of Quarto, near Naples, 1 Michelin star

Marina Alaimo

Born in Naples in 1966, she's a wine sommelier and Onaf cheese taster. She writes about food and wine

Mario Peqini

Mark Moriarty

23-year-old irish chef, born in Kerry, lives in Dublin where he runs The Culinary Counter restaurant with fellow chef Ciaran Sweeney. Winner of the first S.Pellegrino Young Chef award in 2015

Marta Grassi

chef or Tantris restaurant in Novara, one Michelin star

Martina Liverani

Founder and editor in chief of Dispensa Magazine, she wrote books "10 Ottimi motivi per non cominciare una dieta" (Laurana) and fiction "Manuale di Cucina Sentimentale" (Baldini&Castoldi)

Martino Ruggieri

Marzia Buzzanca

chef and owner of Percorsi di Gusto in via Leosini all'Aquila

Massimo Di Cintio

Matteo Gobbo

Matteo Manzini

Italian chef from Savona, today he works as a sous-chef of Azurmendi in Larrabetzu, Bask countries, 3 Michelin stars

Mattia Rancati

Born in 1991, in Carnago (Varese), he graduated from catering school Falcone in Gallarate in 2010. Some significant work experience soon followed: chef de partie at  Marco Sacco's Piccolo Lago from 2014, same role from 2016 and for two years at Eleven Madison Park in New York, then chef de partie and sous chef at Fäviken in Sweden until January 2020. His CV also includes internships at Geranium in Copenhagen and at Central in Lima

Mattia Spedicato

Born in Salento (Puglia) in 1990, he's assistant restaurant manager and sommelier at restaurant Geranium in Copenhagen

Michele Biassoni

Born in Monza in 1987, he first worked at Vino in Paris with Enrico Bernardo, then at Palazzo Parigi with Carlo Cracco. In 2015 moved to Iyo in Milan. Since April 2017 he’s the chef at Claudio Liu’s restaurant, one Michelin star

Mirta Oregna

Mitzvka Kambayashi

Giornalista di Tokyo doc con una grande passione per la gastronomia, è criticona in materia da quand’era adolescente. Assaggia e apprezza l’olio d’oliva Italiano

Nadia Moscardi

Nadia Toppino

Born in 1975, a creative engineer in memory of a professor who called her too creative to be an engineer. He was right: after years in the energy industry, writing of food and travels in her spare time, she now writes about food, the hands making the food and the minds inventing it, full time. She’s the co-author of Storie di cibo dietro nelle Terre di Expo, the creator of Storie di cibo dietro le sbarrea project soon to become a book. She loves good food and good wine

Nerina Di Nunzio

A marketing and communication expert, she teaches at the Università di Roma Tre in the BA in Scienze e culture enogastronomiche, and 'Food and beverage Industry' in English at Unint. She founded Food Confidential, a communication and consultancy agency for tourism, restaurants and wine industry

Nicola Fossaceca

chef of restaurant Al Metrò in San Salvo, Abruzzo region

Nobuya Niimori

was born in Tokyo in 1973. He was passionate about cooking since childhood and, having completed his studies, he worked as chef for eight years in Italian restaurants in Japan. After arriving to Italy, he worked at Trattoria Donnini in Bagno a Ripoli, then with Moreno Cedroni at Madonnina del Pescatore, Da Franco at Palau, and finally in Milan at restaurant Don Carlos inside the Grand Hotel de Milan, under the consultancy of Alfredo Russo, then at Kiyo and Nobu Armani. He’s now the executive chef at Sushi B

Norbert Niederkofler

Born in 1961, he's the chef at restaurant St Hubertus at Rosa Alpina in San Cassiano, in val Badia (Bolzano), three Michelin stars

Pamela Filomeno

Paola Valeria Jovinelli

Eclettica e curiosa, nel 2000 ha creato a Milano l’Arte del Convivio, dove ragazzi con alle spalle storie difficili studiano da cuochi

Paola Ziliani

Pastry chef at Nuova Pasticceria Lady in San Secondo Parmense, Emilia Romagna region

Paolo Griffa

born in Carmagnola on the 25th July 1991, he discovered his passion for cooking when he was very young. He acquired significant experience at with Davide Scabin, for two years, and then spent three years as sous chef at Piccolo Lago with Marco Sacco, with internships at Chateaubriand in Paris and Studio in Copenhagen. Since April 2016 he’s in the kitchen team at Restaurant Serge Vieira2 Michelin stars in the department of Cantal in Auvergne, France.

Paolo Lopriore

born in Como in 1973, after catering school he met Gualtiero Marchesi: a collaboration was born that continued over the years. Other important experiences: Enoteca PinchiorriBagatelle in Oslo, Ledoyen and Troisgros in France. From 2002 to 2012 he was at Certosa di Maggiano’s Il Canto, in April 2014 at Kitchen in the Grand Hotel in Como. Then he spent one year in Milan at Tre Cristi and since the summer of 2016 he’s at Il Portico, in his hometown Appiano Gentile

Pascal Tinari

Pasquale Torrente

Chef-owner of Al Convento in Cetara (Salerno) and Burro e Alici in Erbusco (Brescia) 

Patrizia Maraviglia

Per-Anders Jörgensen

Editor and photographer born in Sweden, F.C. Inter fan, he runs Fool Magazine together with his wife Lotta

Piero Benvenuti

From Florence, he’s a manager and entrepreneur. If it were true that we are what we eat (and drink), he’d be a beautiful person

Piero Gabrieli

marketing director at Molino Quaglia. Together with Chiara Quaglia he created PizzaUp

Pietro Leemann


Partners in life, Josephine QUIntessenza and Elisa ALLocco (respectively a graduate in Economics and Business and in Modern Literature and Psychology) have always shared a passion for gourmet cuisine which is the inspiration for their travels around the world. Their adventures can be found on their Instagram account @qui_and_all

Quico Sosa

Born in Catalonia in 1968, a graduate in Philosophy from Università di Bologna, he's «el druida de los sabores», in the words of Josè Carlos Capel. With his Sosa Ingredients, he used to supply El Bulli and now supplies the Roca hermanos: from lecithin of soy to lyophilized mushrooms, from seaweeds to spices

Raffaella Prandi

Riccardo Camanini

After having Gualtiero Marchesi as his teacher at Albereta, in Erbusco, for 15 years he was chef at Villa Fiordaliso, in Gardone Riviera. In 2015 he moved, but not too far, to another historic restaurant in town, which he took over: Lido 84

Roberta Pezzella

Roberto De Franco

Romano Gordini

Rosanna Marziale

After learning from Gianfranco Vissani and Martín Berasategui, born in Campania, she's the chef of Le Colonne restaurant in Caserta, 1 Michelin star since 2013

Ryan King e Gabriele Zanatta

Fine Dining Lovers and Identità Golose food journalists

Sabrina Tuzi

1984-born, chef of Degusteria del Gigante in San Benedetto del Tronto, Marche region

Samantha Serafini

By chef Andrea Alfieri’s side since 1996, both in business and in love, she’s the dining room manager of the 3 restaurants at the Alpen Suite Hotel in Madonna di Campiglio (Trento)

Sara Pezzini

Born in Versilia, after a degree and a doctorate between Pisa and Madrid, she moved to Paris. In Sorbonne she does research in the field of literature, when out of the University she tastes and describes the places that excite her.

Sara Porro

she is based in Milan and has written about food, travel and popular culture for various publications including AmicaNew York Magazine and La Repubblica. Online, she collaborates with Dissapore and Food Republic and founded Sauce Milan. In 2014 she wrote"Giuseppino" (UTET) together with Joe Bastianich, winner of the Premio Bancarella della Cucina 2015

Sara Preceruti

chef of Locanda del Notaio in Pellio Intelvi (Como) and female chef of the year for Guida di Identità Golose 2014

Sara Simionato

Serena D'Alesio

chef of restaurant Marchese del Grillo in Fabriano, Marche region

Serena Guidobaldi

Blog twitter @serenoccia



Severin Corti

born and living in Wien, Austria, he works as Der Standard daily newspaper food editor, he's the editor-in-chief of Slow Food Country Inns Guide. He also writes for Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Simone Caporale

An italian bartender who conquered London. Three-time winner of the World's Best International Cocktail in The Tales of the Cocktail, four years in a row - with Alex Kratena - at the top of the World's 50 Best Bar Awards, with the Artesian Bar at Langham Hotel

Simone Dimitri

Born in 1985 in Milan. From september 2013 Dimitri is maître at Trussardi alla Scala

Stefania Viti

Stefano Borra

Born in Torino in 1972, he started to work at Auberge la Feniere in Provence, then  in Paris at restaurant Laperouse and at La Pyramide, two Michelin stars. After five years in France he returned to Torino: Hotel Le Meridien for three years then La Pista and then, from July 2007, his VO, starred in 2012. Since September 2016 he’s in Bangkok, at Enoteca

Stefano Ferraro

born in Torino in 1986, after some important experience in London, Tokyo, Dubai and Sydney, since April 2016 he works at Noma in Copenhagen, Denmark. For almost two years he’s been head pastry-chef 

Stefano Manfredi

born in 1954 in Gottolengo (Brescia), moved to Sydney at the age of six. Raised in a family of cooks, on his mother's side, he opened his first restaurant in 1983 and the 16th, PizzAperta Manfredi, in 2019. He's the author of six books on Italian cuisine, the latest of which, "New Pizza", was published in 2017 and translated in 4 languages. He has curated weekly columns on The Sydney Morning Herald, The Financial Review and on many of Australia's most important magazines. After working for 40 years as chef, he's now passionate about flour, fermentation and hydration

Susanna Tanzi

Tania Mauri e Luciana Squadrilli

food journalists, the former from Torino, the latter from Naples, but both living in Rome now. Together with photographer Alessandra Farinelli they’re the authors of La Buona Pizza - Storie di ingredienti, territori e pizzaioli (Giunti Editore)

Teresa Galeone

chef of Già Sotto l'Arco restaurant in Carovigno (Brindisi)

Tommaso Burbuglini

from the luxurious Sabina, born in 1994 to a couple of restaurateurs. He enjoys visiting bistros and the like, working there and writing about them out of passion

Toni Sarcina

Born in Milan, he’s worked in the financial-insurance industry for many years. In 1977 he started to work as a reporter specialised in food culture. He has collaborated with Famiglia Cristiana, La Cucina Italiana, Grand Gourmet and many more. He holds seminars on health and diet in specialised courses at the Università di Milano. For many years now he’s been president at Commanderie des Cordons Bleus. In 1981, together with his wife Terry, he founded Altopalato a centre dedicated to wine and food culture

Valerio Centofanti

chef of Angolo d'Abruzzo in Carsoli (L'Aquila, Abruzzo region)

Vanessa Melis

Born in 1973, together with husband Gianfranco Pascucci she's the soul of Pascucci al Porticciolo in Fiumicino, where she runs the dining room and manages the staff

Vitantonio Lombardo

Yuko Suyama

Eugenio Signoroni

Born in Brescia in 1983, he's now based in Piedmont. His grandmother was such a good cook he started to dream of becoming a cook but ended up at Università di Scienze Gastronomiche in Pollenzo instead. Since 2010 he curates Slow Food 's Guida alle birre d’Italia and Osterie d’Italia and, since 2014, he manages the Slow Food Planet. He's the author of Cuocere (Slow Food editore, 2020)