Nordic Food Lab

The most interesting experiments held in the Nordic Food Lab in Copenhagen, housed, since 2009, in a boat moored in front of René Redezpi’s Noma

Flore’s forest

Beaver essence, roe deer heart... The thoughts and steps behind a recipe by the Sardinian chef


"Signals of Identity", the dish presented at Identità Estreme by Roberto Flore of the Nordic Food Lab in Copenhagen. Beside its delicious appearance, the dish aims at launching a message for the safeguard of our precious ecosystems, whether in the woods or not (photo credits Brambilla/Serrani)

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Signals of identity

We reopen the Nordic Food Lab column with the lesson that Roberto Flore held in Milan


Roberto Flore in a shot taken during the lesson at Identità Estreme, last February in Milan. Born in Sardinia in 1982, Flore is the head chef at the Nordic Food Lab in Copenhagen, Denmark, a project dedicated to open-source research on delicious food (photo credits Brambilla/Serrani)

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Bitter symphony

Techniques and applications that help understand an increasingly popular flavour. Not only up North


Iceland moss (Cetraria islandica), traditionally a famine food for Nordic peoples. Largely indigestible, some populations eat lichen from inside the digestive tract of freshly slaughtered reindeer: it’s easier for the human body to assimilate them thanks to the hidrolyzing work by the reindeer’s digestive enzymes

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Unobvious sea delights

Faroese langoustines, sea cucumbers, starfish. Experimenting with uncommon salty creatures


Starfish gonads can be boiled, dried, roasted or fried and eaten. About 2/3 of the surface of the planet is salt water, and the diversity of edible species waiting to be discovered or rediscovered is enormous

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Venison fenalår

How to make a "ham" out of a different meat. A matter of precise hanging and dipping into fat


Venison fenalår, a Norwegian "ham" usually made with lamb. Here are the instructions to make it yourself at home

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After hunting

First, learn to discern foods from transformation of foods. A neophile approach on wild mammals


The first distinction to make in order to cure meat is between the food (vegetables, fish or meat) and the agents that are used in the transformation of foods (bacteria, yeasts and molds). Ben Reade explains it all

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All about Nordic Food Lab

Starting today, a monthly article out of New nordic cuisine's privileged outpost in Copenhagen


Nordic Food Lab's entrance in Copenhagen, on a boat just in front of René Redzepi's Noma, Lab's founder together with Claus Meyer in 2009. Entirely committed on an open-source research focused on food deliciousness, the Nfl is run by chefs, universitary professors and Yale researchers (photo Zanatta)

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