Clay baked crosne

also known as Chinese artichoke, chorogi, knotroot and artichoke betony is a member of the mint family that produces a tiny edible tuber

Peeter Pihel

150 g crosne
some cold pressed rapeseed oil
4 stems of spring onion
5 salted ramson leaves
50 g cured Scottish highlander beef
Marinated ramson buds
Pig blood & spelt crisps blood
Caul fat

First, wash the crosne carefully. Then place the washed potatoes in bowl and add a bit of rapeseed oil. Then take caul fat and fold on cutting board. Place the crosne on the caul fat and also add the salted ramson leaves and spring onions. Close the caul fat and rub the clay mixture onto it, making a package. Set the oven to 220 C and bake for approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Cut the package open before serving and serve together with cured beef of Scottish highlander, marinated ramson buds, pig blood & spelt crisps.