Diletta Zenna



Lazzaro 1915

via Roma, 351
35029 - Pontelongo (Padova)

«My pastry-making is born in the kitchen» says pastry-chef Diletta Zenna, right arm in the kitchen of Piergiorgio Siviero, chef-patron at Lazzaro 1915 in Pontelongo of whom Diletta is, first of all, the twin soul. This is not a small detail because her second life as an out-of-the-ordinary pastry-chef begun a little by chance, with a non-professional course; then continued a little forcibly, when the “second” at Lazzaro 1915 left for Australia; and continued with determination because – all in all – Diletta loves being a surprising pastry-maker.

Born in 1989 in Pontelongo like her husband Piergiorgio whom she met while working in the dining room to earn some money while she was studying, she did not train as a classic pastry-chef. So she delights the palates with desserts that blend sweet and savoury, with little sugar, a strong use of vegetables and a zero-waste philosophy. «I don't make desserts, but sweet dishes», Diletta, who entered the great culinary scene in 2017, is happy to stress.

The inspirers of the future interpreters of this “kitchen-based pastry-maker”, who before working with spatulas and sac-a-poche was trying to put to use a degree in Social Sciences, were Andreas Acherer and Francesco Ballico. In Brunico, with the former, and in Lonigo with the latter, Diletta realised that pastry-making could well be her world and that she could enjoy learning all there was to learn. An intention she continues to pursue to this day, though differently to what she had imagined because her training continued in the kitchen where she's at ease pairing chocolate and black beans, she uses goose fat to glaze brioches and takes care of pastry-making, leavened products and even cooking, «because – she points out – our restaurant is a family-run place».


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