Credits Brambilla-Serrani

Credits Brambilla-Serrani

Tim Raue

Rudi-Dutschke strasse, 26
10969 - Berlino
+49 30 25937930

Given at 23 he was already head-chef at the late Rosenbaum – immediately awarded as Feinschmecker,Newcomer of the Year – the least that could happen now that he’s 45 is that he’d place his restaurant among the most beloved ones in Berlin, thanks to his two Michelin stars (in a capital that still has no 3-starred restaurants), and a quick climb up the 50Best, where he is currently at number 37.

On the other hand, however, one must say that definitions and labels do not fit Tim Raue. Located in the middle of contemporary Berlin, a stone’s throw away from Checkpoint Charlie - the emblem of the Wall’s fall – his restaurant has fully absorbed the ferment of the city’s new life, with all its promises of freedom and opportunities: it is no coincidence that he chose a hummingbird, an emblem of uniqueness and creativity, for his logo.

Raue, raised in the suburbs of Kreuzberg, has made no mystery of his family’s modest conditions and of his wild teenage years. He’s always said that he chose cooking as a second-best choice: in fact, he wanted to become an architect but didn’t have the money to pay for his studies and gastronomic design seemed to him a good alternative on which to invest his fertile, overflowing genius.

So after working in some hotels, he ended up directing Rosenbaum and after that he worked in other prominent kitchens in Berlin – includingRestaurant 44 where he got the first star. In 2010 he opened Tim Raue Restaurant a brilliant combination of his two great passions: architecture and the East, its richness and wisdom, a passion he developed later on, through an international partnership with Swisshotel.

Today, in his cultured and elegant dining room, where you can find a collection of contemporary and abstract artworks, he offers a cuisine that is more than fusion. It’s rather an often spectacular but always balanced meeting-crossing of western and eastern techniques, a constant and devoted reference to Japanese products, Chinese philosophies, Thai aromas, in a constant commitment to offer a high quality experience to his guests.

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