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A week after the end of the congress IG 2011, Daniel Canzian turned to be 30 years old and he had the chance to turn himself to the past to record a happy closing balance. Not everybody can do this, at his age. Infact, when he was just 14, the chef left a family made of restaurant keepers. He learned the basis there but now it was time to go: from the train window he greeted mother Maria Antonietta, dad Claudio and grandma Ada on his way to Jolly Hotel in Milan, the big city. But the flat encephalogram of the Po Valley soon became the rollercoaster of the mountain area near his native lands: first the Alpago, then the Dolomites, under the teaching of Enzo De Prà at Dolada and Graziano Prest at Tivoli in Cortina, two Virgilian figure in his still groping step. «They were so simple to be incomparable: when I was 23 years I used to devour the secrets of those two restaurants without ever sitting on one of their tables», he reminds.

Then came the real Big One: after a short experience at the Sohnenbuhl hotel in Stuttgart, seismographs went crazy with the call by Sir Gualtiero Marchesi, who settled Canzian on the Medusa Club, the gourmet restaurant of Costa Crociere, a cruise ship: vessels, ports, cultures of every kind. Then, after a short stop by in 2007 in Lignano Sabbiadoro to his family again, in search of a quiet transition, the real breakthrough: Marchesi wanted him to be the executive chef at Marchesino at Teatro alla Scala. "Executive" in this case doesn’t mean mere executor because the guy plays with his personality the traditional Milanese masterpieces of the maestro (veal breaded costoletta, Rustin negàa…). This, always following the principles of the total cuisine invented from the great octogenarian. That is: superior quality raw materials, precision, simplicity and gesture.

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