Fresh pasta parcel stuffed with seafood

Ezio Santin

For 4 people

½ kg of clams
½ kg of small mussels
8 king prawns
4 langoustines
1 strip of leek
1 dl of white wine
1 sprig of parsley
2 cloves of garlic in their skins
4 sheets of fresh pasta measuring 12 cm along the side
extra virgin olive oil



Place 2 spoonfuls of oil, the garlic and whole parsley in a pan; heat and add the clams, mussels and white wine. Cover and wait for the shellfish to open, taking care not to overcook as they would become rubbery. Take out of the pan and shell them; set aside the cooking water, taking care not to scoop up any sandy residue, and remove the garlic and parsley.

Fry the king prawns and langoustines with the shells in a little oil, remove the shells and set them to one side. Place the shells in a pan with the water used to cook the clams and mussels. Allow it to reduce over the heat and filter again, adding salt to taste.

Cut the leek into strips and scald in boiling water: they will be used to tie up the parcel. Scald the pasta sheets and block the cooking process in cold water. Divide the seafood among the parcels, fold over the edges and tie them up with the strips of leek. Heat them in a steamer. Meanwhile, heat the sauce, emulsifying it with a little oil and a twist of pepper.

Place a hot parcel in the centre of a bowl, cover it with sauce and serve immediately. If you want to go wild, lay a generous spoonful of Beluga caviar on the flaps of the parcel.