”Tataki” of capercaillie with caramellized rowanberries. Raw liqourice and carrots from our own garden cooked in it´s own juice. Served with a small liqourice tasting herb salad

Björn Frantzén

For 4 people

2 capercaillie breasts
40g rowanberry puré
25g sugar
75g melted duck liver fat
1 lemon
8 small orange carrots + 1kg for juice
30g atshinacress
30g fenneldill
Raw Liqourice


Make a blond caramel of the sugar, add lemon zest, a little bit of lemon juice and the rowanberries. Cook together for a few minutes. Mix it in a blender and slowly add the duck liver fat. Taste with salt
Boil the carrots in its juice, with a little bit of butter and salt.
Torch the breast with a fire torch. Season with salt. Cut three slices per portion.

Serve it with the cooked carrots, the rowenberryemulsion, liqourice and the herb salad.