Enrico Baronetto

Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester

Park Lane 
London W1K 1QA
+44 (0)20 7629 8866

The most beloved Italian smile in London belongs to a guy who has a Sir-like surname and is at home in the finest restaurant scene by the Thames. His name is Enrico Baronetto and if his surname is familiar, it’s not by chance. This elegant man is the brother of Matteo, chef at Del Cambio in Torino. They were both born there. Their parents worked at Mirafiori (Enrico is the youngest, born in 1980). They’ve gone a long way, and not just geographically.

The youngest Baronetto left Piedmont soon, however, and chose London as his second home. He arrived a short time after turning 18 and since he was aiming high, he sent his cv to the many starred restaurants in London’s endless fine dining scene. One of the most iconic chefs in town replied: the rough and popular Gordon Ramsay who gave him a chance as waiter at his restaurant in Royal Hospital Road.

He survived the roughness of the chef. And grew, and grew and grew. He invented a style that is halfway between Italian affability and British composure. Back in Italy, he worked with giants like Carlo Cracco and Enrico Crippa. Then he returned to “his” London, as assistant manager at Brett Graham’s The Ledbury, two Michelin stars in cinematic Notting Hill. Then Ramsay called him again to his three-starred restaurant as restaurant manager. At this point Enrico is one of the most desired dining room men in the UK, and in December 2017 another legendary figure called him: Alain Ducasse wanted him as director of his The Dorchester in Park Lane.

Here Enrico shows off his personal style in guiding the dining room. He welcomes guests making them feel at home, but in the posh dining room, not the dinette. Women admire his naughty smile and men envy his impeccable style and how his tailor-made suits fit him perfectly.

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