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Porcini mushroom milk mousse
600 g of milk
15 g of dried porcini mushrooms
80 g of sugar
14 g of 200 powdered gelatine
1/8 of a vanilla pod
4 juniper berries

Namelaka Nyangbo with Porcini mushroom infusion
400 g of milk
8 g of dried porcini mushrooms
5 g of 200 powdered gelatine
20 g of glucose
460 g Nyangbo 68% coating
800 g of 35% cream

Streuzel Pastry
85 g butter cream
140 g of sugar
150 g of weak flour
150 g of ground almonds
50 g of melted butter

Soft morels with caramelised white wine
300 g of sugar
100 g morel water
200 g of St Peray white wine
15 g of aged balsamic vinegar
1 strip of lemon zest
40 g of Absolu Cristal
6 juniper berries
¼ of a vanilla pod
fresh or frozen morels


Porcini mushroom milk mousse
Heat the milk and add the dried mushrooms. Leave in infusion for 10-15 minutes then filter through a Chinoise sieve and weigh again to 520 g. Add the sugar to the milk, then bring to the boil. Hydrate the gelatine, then incorporate it into the milk infused with the sugar. Leave to cool for a few hours in the fridge. Whisk the jellied milk on a low speed to obtain a very soft mousse.

Namelaka Nyangbo with Porcini mushroom infusion
Heat the milk and leave the dried porcini mushrooms covered in infusion for 10-15 minutes. Filter through a Chinoise sieve and weigh 400 g of infused milk. Add the glucose and bring to the boil. Incorporate the gelatine. Make the emulsion, gradually incorporating the hot liquid with the coating to create a smooth, supple mixture. Maintain this consistency until all the hot milk is incorporated. Mix to complete the emulsion, then incorporate the cold, liquid cream. Allow to crystallise at 4 °C.

Streuzel Pastry
Sieve the powders together. Add the softened butter and whisk with the aid of the leaf beater. The mixture will form small balls, that will transform into a more even dough. Stop mixing.
To cook, divide the Streuzel evenly on a silicone sheet and bake at 150-160 °C, with the valve open. The colour must be warm blonde. When it becomes warm, add the melted butter, mix thoroughly and place the mixture in the rings.

Soft morels with caramelised white wine
Caramelise the sugar until golden and cook with the white wine, the balsamic vinegar, the morel water and the Absolu Cristal. Add the spices and the morels. Cook gently for about 10 minutes, to keep the morels whole. Filter through a Chinoise sieve and reduce the liquid by a good ¼ then pour over the morels. Leave to marinate overnight in the fridge.