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Cinta Senese pork cheek cooked at a low temperature with soft Avezzano potatoes in a crispy Formenton otto file della Garfagnana polenta wafer

Aldo Zivieri - Igles Corelli

For 4 people

1 l of beef stock
300 g of Avezzano red potatoes
200 cl of extra virgin olive oil
50 g of Rosola butter
50 g of grated cheese
2 Cinta Senese cheeks
Cervia salt
500 ml of beer
50 g of Formenton ottofile della Garfagnana flour


For the mashed potato
Peel the potatoes, cut them into pieces and boil in the beef stock. Drain and sieve them. Season with Cervia salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil. Keep warm.

For the cheeks
Gently fry the cheeks in a pan with a drizzle of oil. Place them in two vacuum bags for cooking and divide the beer between the two bags. Season with salt, place in the vacuum and cook in a Roner at 62 °C for 8 hours.

For the sauce
When the cheeks are cooked, take them out of the bags, scallop them and keep them warm. Place their cooking liquid in a pan, reduce it to half, whisk with the butter and filter.

For the wafer
Make some polenta with 50 g of maize flour and 50 g of water, and leave to cool. Roll it between 2 sheets of greaseproof paper using a rolling pin and bake at 140 °C until crisp.

Place a spoonful of mashed potato in the middle of a plate with half the scalloped cheek. Dress with the sauce, garnish with the wafer and serve.