Mexican Bubble Cup

Ginger Flower Tequila (Makes 700ml)
1kg, Ginger Flower heads (Chiffonade)
700ml Tequila

Pineapple infused agave nectar
250gm Raw organic Blue agave nectar
100gm Honey Pineapple (Finely Chopped)

Mexican Bubble Cup (Spirit and sugar mix) (Makes 10 Serves)
200ml Ginger Flower Tequila
150ml Aperol
100ml Pineapple Agave Nectar

50gm Small Sago Pearls
1ltr Tap Water

Mexican Bubble Cup
45ml Spirit and Sugar Mix
20ml Fresh orange juice
10ml Lime Juice

Ginger Flower Tequila (Makes 700ml)
Distil in rotory evaporator distiller with: Water Bath 50C, RPM 120, Condenser -20C. Distill liquid until 600ml has been condensed.
Put in glass bottle and let sit for 24 hours (room temperature). Dilute liquid with still water to 40% ABV.

Pineapple infused agave nectar
Place in a vacuum bag and seal, Leave for 2 days in fridge for fresh pineapple flavor. Strain off pine apple and bottle.

Mexican Bubble Cup (Spirit and sugar mix)
Stir and mix well. Bottle.

Bring water to the boil (100C) and add your sago pearls, stir well until the clarity of the pearls are translucent. Refresh with cold water. Put in airtight container and add 100gm of simple syrup (1:1 sugar:water). Store in fridge.

Mexican Bubble Cup
Shake hard with ice in a cocktail shaker, double strain into plastic bubble cup. Spoon in a teaspoon of cooked sago pearls in syrup. Add cubed ice. Lid and put thick bubble cup straw in.

The cocktail is combined with Carrot Gnocchi Heirloom