Shellfish ice-cream on pistachio and coconut cream with potato scales and olive oil

Janez Bratovž

For 10 people

Pistachio cream
50 g of butter
200 g of raw green pistachio
150 g of mascarpone
1 dl of fish stock
1 gelatine sheet
salt, white pepper

Coconut cream
20 g of butter
200 g of coconut flour
1 dl of cream
1 dl of coconut milk
1 teaspoon of sugar
1 gelatine sheet

Shellfish ice-cream
10 oysters
20 clams
5 cl of olive oil
1 dl of unsalted fish stock
2 gelatine sheets

The potato scales
1 medium-sized yellow potato
oil for frying


Pistachio cream
Melt the butter in a pan, adding the chopped pistachios. Fry for 3 minutes. Add the mascarpone, mix, add the fish stock and boil. Set to one side, add salt and pepper with a sheet of rehydrated gelatine. Mix well, place in the Pacojet and freeze. Before serving, grind in the Pacojet, melting the cream.

Coconut cream
Melt the butter in a frying pan and add the coconut flour. Roast for 2 minutes, pour over the cream and coconut milk and add sugar and salt. Cook on a low heat for 5 minutes. Set to one side and add the sheet of gelatine. Mix, place in the Pacojet and freeze. Before serving, grind in the Pacojet and defrost to obtain the coconut cream.

Shellfish ice-cream
Immerse the clams in olive oil in a pan to make them open. Remove the clams from their shells, drain the water remaining in the pan and pour it over the shelled clams.
Open the oysters and place the inside of the oysters in the pan to boil, then remove them immediately from the heat. Place the clams and oysters in the pan together and taste. If they are too salty, take out the sauce and add the unsalted fish stock. When the shellfish are still hot, the salt tastes stronger, but when they are served as ice-cream, you taste it less. Add the rehydrated gelatine, mix and place in the Pacojet. Before serving, blend all the contents of the container with the shellfish.

The potato scales
Peel the potato and cut it into very fine slices. Dry on the paper, fry in the oil and drain well.

Place the pistachio cream on the plate first. Add the coconut cream, making a ring with a spoon on top of the pistachio sauce. Place a small ball of shellfish ice-cream in the middle with a few drops of olive oil on top. Complete by placing a few potato scales on the ice-cream.