Tortelli dei Farnese

Filippo Chiappini Dattilo

500 g of durum wheat flour
500 g of soft plain flour
600 g of egg yolks
12 g of salt
20 g of extra virgin olive oil

1200 g of Piacentina ricotta (if using low-fat ricotta, add 250 g of mascarpone)
400 g of grated Osteria del Teatro 30-month Grana Padano (made with Alta Val Nure milk)
600 g of spinach cooked with butter and chopped with a knife
2 whole eggs + 2 yolks


Mix the flours in a planetary mixer and add the yolks, beaten with the salt and oil. Process with the hook utensil. If the dough is not compact, add more yolks. Place in a vacuum for 2 hours.

Process everything very briefly in the planetary mixer with the leaf beater. Finish the filling with a spatula.

Roll out the dough to the required thickness. Use an icing bag to make mounds of filling weighing about 18 - 22 g in the middle of the dough, at a distance of about 5 cm from each other. Fold the dough over, press down around the filling and cut using a special cock's crest mould. Press with your fingers in the cut side and then shape them on the pastry board. Pasteurise and chill the tortelli to ensure better storage. Cook the tortelli in plenty of salted water and serve with melted butter flavoured with fresh sage and a generous sprinkling of grated Grana Padano.

Tortelli piacentini have a plaited shape, obtained from a square plaited on the diagonal. There is only a very small amount of filling, otherwise it would "dirty" the pasta. Our tortelli are those that were eaten in the town's most aristocratic homes: hence the name Farnese.