Consommé-gelé of mussels, escabeche and crispy bomb rice

Paco Morales

For 4 people

4 Galician mussels
500 g of Galician mussels
2 l of mineral water

208 g of sea water
312 g of mussel base
6 g of iota

300 g of water
90 g of sea salt

225 g of bomb rice
0.75 g of saffron pistils
1 l of prawn base
0.5 l of extra virgin olive oil

½ kg of raw prawns
1.25 l of water

155 g of extra virgin olive oil
55 g of cabernet sauvignon vinegar
12 green bean flowers


Mix the mussel base with the sea water and the iota. Blend, drain and heat just to boiling point. Remove the froth and drain. Pour onto a plate as quickly as possible. Cool in the fridge. Wrap with film. Set to one side.

Mussel base
Clean the Galician mussels in water and salt to remove all the silt. Place the molluscs in a pan of mineral water and cook very gently without boiling for 30 minutes. Drain and pad with a cloth. Set to one side.

Sea water
Place water and coarse salt in a pan on a heat of 50 ºC for 2 minutes. Once the salt has been dissolved, mix. Set to one side in the fridge.

Galician mussels
Open the mussels in a pan of sea water. Cook for one minute. Remove the shell and place in escabeche until the mollusc comes out. 30 minutes.

Mix oil and vinegar and place in a sauce dispenser. Set to one side.

Crispy bomb rice
Toast the saffron in tin foil in the oven at 130 ºC for 6 minutes. Grind the saffron in a mortar. Cook the bomb rice, saffron and prawn base for 10 minutes. Remove. Drain and dehydrate in the dryer for 6 hours at 55 ºC. Fry the bomb rice in a pan with extra virgin olive oil at 180 °C.
Set aside in a dry place with silica gel. Set to one side.

Prawn base
Cook the prawns with olive oil in the oven at 200 °C for 20 minutes, taking care not to burn them. Place the prawns and water in a pan and cook for 30 minutes.

Finish and presentation
Make small circles in the consommé-gelé and heat under an overhead grill, taking care not to exceed a temperature of 45 °C. Place the grains of puffed bomb rice on top, with an escabeche mussel in the centre and the escabeche jelly all around and garnish with 3 green bean flowers.