For one person

1 herring divided into two fillets
smoked salt
aromatic herbs (rosemary, thyme, marjoram, mint, vine prunings, bay leaves, citrus leaves)
lemon balm
mixed spices



Trim the fillets to the same size and remove any bones (the herring fillets must already be filleted and cleaned). Flavour and dress the fillets with the lemon balm concentrate. Prepare the lemon balm syrup with lemon balm infusion and leave to reduce.

Place the aromatic herbs in a pan with no fat. Heat the pan until the herbs start to burn without bursting into flames. Then place the fillets on a bay leaf or citrus leaf on top of the burning herbs. Leave for 20 seconds and cover with the lid. Turn the heat off and leave for 1 minutes, just long enough to cook the meat and flavour it with the herbs.

Arrange the fish on plates and season with smoked salt and flavourings.