Green apple “tajarin” with pepper and blackcurrant purée

Pier Bussetti


For 4 people
300 g of green apple
400 g of red peppers
100 g of blackcurrant purée
300 ml of Beaumé 28% syrup
20 g of scallion
50 ml of milk
10 ml of extra virgin olive oil
3 g of fresh lemon balm (about 4 tufts)



Cut the apple in half using the special machine in order to obtain the green apple “tajarin”; place them in a hermetically sealed container and cover with the syrup. Place in the fridge.

Roast the whole peppers in the oven and when they are cooked, arrange them in a bowl and cover them with kitchen film. When cool, peel them and remove the seeds. Cut the pulp into small pieces and stew them in a pan with the scallion and a little extra virgin olive oil; pour over the milk and cook for a few minutes.

Pour everything into a mixer and add a spoonful of syrup taken from the apple tagliolini preserve.

Pour a little pepper purée into a bowl, surround with the blackcurrant purée. Drain the apple tagliolini from the syrup, make into a nest and place them in the centre of the plate.

Garnish with fresh lemon balm tufts.