Smoked salmon trout with "mieliva", mixed salad leaves, edible flowers and aromatic herb yoghurt

Claudio Pregl

1 slice of smoked salmon trout
mixed salad leaves
edible flowers (calendula and fleur-de-lys: red, blue, white, black and pink)
aromatic herb yoghurt (yoghurt with the addition of aromatic herbs, salt, garlic and chili pepper, left to drain in a piece of muslin for 48 hours).
MIELIVA made with sunflower honey and Cufrol Umbrian extra virgin oil flavoured with lemon
MIELIVA made with apple honey, extra virgin olive oil and rosemary honey vinegar


Take some mixed salad leaves and place in the centre of the plate, flavour with the honey vinegar Mieliva. Cover with a few slices of trout cut into a fine carpaccio. Flavour with lemon juice Mieliva, garnish with edible flowers and finish with a spoonful of aromatic herb yoghurt.