Juan Marì e Elena Arzak

For 4 people

For the inside of the moonstone
480 g of orange juice
4.8 g of Xanthan thickener
50 g of Cointreau liqueur
100 g of sugar
liquid nitrogen

For the outside of the moonstone
60 g of toasted breadcrumbs
50 g of milk chocolate
200 g of cocoa butter

For the moon dust
30 g of toasted white sesame seeds
200 g of sugar

For the thick red wine soup
100 g of red wine
10 g of soya
20 g of sugar
0.5 g of Xanthan thickener

olive oil and a pinch of powdered yuzu


For the inside of the moonstone
Use a Turmix to mix the juice, Xanthan liqueur and sugar. Place a spoonful of the mixture inside a container with liquid nitrogen for 15 seconds, trying to give it an irregular shape.

For the outside of the moonstone
Melt chocolate and butter together until the mixture exceeds 50° C. Add the toasted breadcrumbs. Keep the mixture at the same temperature. Wet the frozen orange stones using a syringe to create an outer layer. Leave to rest. Store in the fridge.

For the moon dust
Grind both ingredients to obtain a powder.

For the red wine soup
Mix all the ingredients with a Turmix. Leave to rest to eliminate the excess air.

Finish and presentation
Sprinkle a teaspoon of moon dust on a black plate. Make three different size crater-circles with the help of a spoon. Fill them with half a spoon of wine soup until it merges with the base, making it look empty. Place the three stones on top. Sprinkle with a pinch of yuzu.