Bonito parterre

Juan Marì e Elena Arzak

For 4 people

For the tuna marinade
30 g of bread
1 g of cochineal
the juice of half a lemon
100 g of 0´4 olive oil
30 g of fried sunflower seeds
2 strong mint leaves
salt and sugar

For the tuna fillets
500 g of bonito tuna
salt, ginger

For the cochineal sauce
0.2 g of cochineal
100 g of 0´4 olive oil
5 g of sugar

For the bed of cochineal
500 g of bonito soup (*)
25 g of vegetable gelling agent
2 g of agar
1 g of cochineal
salt and powdered ginger

For the green bed
the green part of 3 leeks
water and salt

different varieties and colours of edible flowers

(*) bonito soup
1 l of water, 1 leek and 200 g of sliced bonito, salt and powdered ginger.



For the bonito soup
Cook on a low heat for an hour. Strain and add salt and ginger to taste.

For the bonito tuna marinade
Mix and chop all the ingredients. Add salt and pepper.

For the bonito tuna fillets
Cut the tuna fillets into rectangles. Smoke them lightly for 4 minutes in the smoker. Mature and add a little ginger Add the marinade and grill to release the juices.

For the cochineal sauce
Chop all the ingredients together. Boil lightly and strain. Leave to rest.

For the bed of cochineal
Mix all the ingredients together when cold and boil them. Stretch a very fine plastic film over the top. When everything has gelled together, cut out a circular piece. Keep covered with paper until ready to use.

For the green bed
Cut the leeks up roughly and cook in water with a pinch of salt. When cooked, place them in the Thermomix and chop for just an instant, to obtain a thick, very fibrous or stringy purée. Spread thinly on a sheet of film and leave to dry at 60° C. When dry, cut the layers into triangles. Before serving, add a drizzle of olive oil.

Finish and presentation
Place the bonito tuna fillet on a plate, leaving it to rest with the cochineal sauce sprinkled with scales of salt. Place the round bed of cochineal and the triangular green bed at the side. Decorate with herbs and edible flowers.