Massimo Bottura's Menu

02-05-2015 | 07:30 PM

For reservations (the price is 75 euros including wines for lunch and dinner events with four courses) write to: Tel: +39 02 62012701

The debut is entirely dedicated to Massimo Bottura. Within the “Italian & International best chefs” format, Identità Expo’s visitors will have the chance to taste the cooking of 26 of the best Italian and International chefs, in an unprecedented event that will be hosted inside the building under the “Identità Golose” brand.

It will be a run along the best creative cooking, led – it couldn’t have been otherwise – by Massimo Bottura, the 3rd best chef in the world according with the “50 Best”, the man who perfectly represents the identity, technique and tastes of Italian cuisine. He rules in combining contemporaneity with the extraordinary cooking tradition that makes Italy a paradise for food-lovers.

Three days with Bottura, then, since the opening one, the 1st of May, until Sunday the 3rd. Six lunches and dinners to start the amazing palate adventure called Expo that will carry on for six months.

It is almost useless to remind you who Bottura is: born in Modena in 1962, he is “son” to four inspirational models: Lidia Cristoni, the rezdora at trattoria Campazzo; George Cogny, the French man working in Emilia; Alain Ducasse and Ferran Adrià. Quoting Paolo Marchi, Identità Golose’s creator and curator: “Chefs like Bottura are able to innovate tradition like few others. When one (over)talks about tradition (is it a static phenomenon or a dynamic one?), or when one talks about molecular gastronomy without distinguishing techniques from food itself, it would be best to stop thinking and go to Modena and taste dishes such as Compressione di pasta e fagioli and Bollito non bollito, to understand that they are just a combination of hundreds of years of Italian cuisine with touches of foreign influences made Italian”.


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Fine dining at Expo 2015 goes under the brand of Identità Golose thanks to Identità Expo, the event – created in collaboration with S. Pellegrino – which for six months will summon great Italian and international chefs to Milan for a unique, extremely elegant temporary restaurant. There will also be lessons, cooking shows, meetings, demonstrations... All this animating a rich programme of events (soon online), the result of the organisational effort and prestige of Identità Golose.