Identità Giovani - Enrico Panero

05-05-2015 | 04:00 PM

Thanks to the Identità Milano congress, the other congresses around the world, the website and the restaurant guide, Identità Golose has always aimed at enhancing the new players in Italian cuisine, giving space to the most promising young chefs. It necessarily had to be so, since it has always focused on the valorisation of creative cuisine. Therefore, a new format will debut at Identità Expo called Identità Giovani, a series dedicated to young talents in Italian cuisine. 

The opening is up to the talented rising star Enrico Panero, born in Savigliano, Cuneo, in 1987 but already able to express a surprising maturity in his cooking. Oscar Farinetti wanted him to be into the kitchen staff at Guido per EatalyCasa Vicina in Turin, then in Tokyo and New York’s Eataly, and then in Genoa (at restaurant Il Marin) and Florence, in 2014, as the head of the Da Vinci kitchen.

He has a prestigious curriculum vitae: after graduating from catering school in Dronero (Cn), Panero worked at Piero Bertinotti’s Pinocchio in Borgomanero, then in Milan for Aimo and Nadia Moroni and in the 2006 at Ugo Alciati’s Guido, in Pollenzo. But he had two other masters: Mark Ladner, chef at Del Posto, in Manhattan, and Victor Arguinzoniz, chef at Asador Etxebarri.