Identità di Libri - Paolo Marchi

07-05-2015 | 06:00 PM

Identità di Libri, Identità Expo’s section dedicated to the biggest titles on food, curated by Identità Golose in collaboration with Mondadori, will be opened by Paolo Marchi, who created this format 11 years ago and recently published for Mondadori XXL - I piatti che hanno allargato la mia vita.

In the words of Giorgio Gandola about this book: “Paolo Marchi first experienced and then wrote, as if it were the autobiography of Prussian blue in tuna sauce. Stories and recipes along a journey coloured with life, searching for the perfect dish like an Indiana Jones with a fork in his pocket. […] Marchi walks the same path launched by Gianni Brera and later by Mura, combining sport and food.” And here is what Oscar Farinetti says about the book: "XXL is 90% a story of people and life, and 10% a story of ingredients”. And here is Claudio Ceroni’s opinion: “I literally devoured XXL, one story led to another, there are recipes but they are only the pretext to illustrate life, his own and that of the 50 protagonists. And when it comes to narrating, Paolo has no rivals, he takes you and engages you like few others, he’s subtle and ironic, but always passionate: from his love for details, sometimes apparently useless, irresistible feelings, flavours and aromas often emerge.”

And this is what Marchi himself says: “Many authors consider the release of their book like a child delivery. Sometimes it is true, other times they just exaggerate. In my case it was true. XXL surely contains all the 60 years in my life, lived twice through the lunches and suppers that have been important to me since I was a child, starting from my grandma Emma and my aunt Elena’s polenta in Centa San Nicolò in Valsugana”. Aren’t you already craving for this book?