Cod and hare

Moreno Cedroni

100 g of saddle of hare
125 g of soy sauce
125 g of acacia honey
50 g of extra virgin olive oil
20 g of scallion
4 g of chopped garlic
1 g of star anise
50 g of vine tomatoes
50 g of carrot
25 g of sugar
200 g of water
40 g of glucose
5 g of lyophilised raspberries
50 g of cranberries
5 g of raspberry vinegar
100 g of cod fillet
500 g of peanut oil
50 g of celery

Bone the saddle of hare and marinate the cod fillet in a vacuum bag with the soy sauce and honey for 24 hours. Make the hare stock, gently frying 150 g of hare bones in the oil with the addition of the star anise. Then add 750 g of water. Simmer for 15 minutes, adding salt to taste, and filter.
Using the scraps of meat, make the sauce, gently frying the scallion and chopped garlic in the oil. Then add the carrot, the meat scraps and tomato. Add 200 g of stock, simmer for 10 minutes, add salt to taste and blend.
Cut the raw hare cut into cubes the same size as the celery and carrot. For the light stock, boil the water with the sugar and add a piece of salt, the lyophilised raspberries and the raspberry vinegar. Blend and filter through a sieve. To cook the cod, heat the seed oil to 70 °C and cook the cod fillet until the heart reaches a temperature of 48 °C.

Place the cubes of hare, celery and carrot and the pieces of raspberry on a plate. Lay the cod fillet over them, topped with a spoonful of hare sauce and surrounded by a spoonful of light stock. Complete with a brushing of blended raspberries.