Identità Expo Menu

05-05-2015 | 19:30 e 21:00


On Mondays and Thursdays evening there is a special event at Idendità Expo. Andrea Ribaldone, executive chef at I Due Buoi, together with resident chefs Domenico della Salandra from Taglio in Milan and Domenico Schingaro from I Due Buoi, created a menu specifically conceived for the event.

The forte is Spaghetto Milano, the dish represeting the event, Ribaldone’s homage to the city: a “spaghettone” Monograno Felicetti boiled with less salt than usual and then pan-fried with a “risollo alla milanese” previously cooked or, better, over-cooked with Grana Padano and butter, as the chef explains, «to obtain an incredibly soft cream of rice and saffron». The recipe includes a dressing made with orange and lemon zest, parsley, oil and garlic, to be blended and then poured on the spaghetti.