Identità di Pizza - Bosco

27-05-2015 | 05:00 PM

Renato Bosco will be today’s protagonist at Identità di Pizza, the weekly space dedicated to the world of pizza which moves from Identità Milano right inside Expo Milano 2015, every Wednesday afternoon.

He shares with Simone Padoan – almost a neighbour of his, they’re both in Veneto – the role of diamond point for the new Italian pizza, the gourmet one served in slices. He’s perhaps the one to work on dough more than anyone else, he studies toppings and innovates his offer. He has many different types of pizzas in the menu, all made with accurately selected flour and with a very long leavening: the classic round one, the one made in a baking tin, Roman-style (he calls it "double crunch"), served by the metre, creative or even cooked in water together with Amarone wine. In order to taste these delicacies, you only need to visit his Saporé in San Martino Buon Albergo (Verona). But there’s also a branch in the centre of Verona.